Issues with WILD

I have been learning about LDs since 2003-2004 school year (my freshmen year at high school) when a buddy of mine in the drug culture told me about it. He said it’s better than any drug you could possibly imagine. I’ve mainly focused on WILD because I meditate a lot and the relaxation an “vibes” come naturally to me.

Just recently, in the past month I would say, I believe I have attained lucidity. My only problem is, it does not turn into a dream. Once I get past the HI and the vibes, I realize I’m in outer space. I see stars all around me and I feel zero-g’s. While this is fun and extremely relaxing, I’d like for it to turn into a dream, as this is the entire point of the WILD.

Am I having an OoBE or AP instead?
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I failed to mention that I have had LDs before, but I normally use the WBTB method.

Believe it or not man, that’s a WILD! You were in fact in a dream! All you have to do now is just get out of space. How? Fly if that suits you, or simply try to teleport out. Do anything and everything possible to go wherever you please.

Or, you could also just try to transform your HI into an environment that you want to be in, which is probably a better idea.

Hopefully that helped. Let me know how it goes!

this, in my perspective would be called Dream Yoga.
Dream yoga is what the buddhist monks use to meditate , they go into a state where they seem like their dreaming, but still not quite there, everything is usually black in this state, and very relaxing, like you’ve mentioned. (this is what I’ve read in a few books, and on the internet)

yea, i’m not always in space… that was a bad description. it’s more like a void. I have only had one instance where i was in space and there was nothing i could do to move or change the situation, i was frozen there… suspended in time.

after a bit of further reading, of dream yoga , It said that in this state, you kind of feel like you dont exist, or you are “one with all” (not sure what they mean by this). Did you know that you existed? did you know where you were and if you were sleeping?

It seemed like I was more aware of my body actually. Kind of a co-existence, if you will. I was aware of my physical body, and I was aware of my dream/astral body at the same time. It’s extremely hard to describe.

I’m going to try it again tonight. This time, with B vitamins and come caffeine.

your going to try to get into this state again? or try lucid dreaming?

either way, best of luck to you, CamoWearinMofo.

This has happened to me alot of times when trying to WILD.

Sometimes i can get into the dream other times i cant, it can be very frustrating and nerve racking due to vibrations noises etc…At least your staying relaxed. I usually get in this state when i am not using the WBTB method. Ive been “suspended”
in darkness like you describe for what seems like as much as 10 minutes…Try to look for a light source. The first time i had a WILD i was in the void waiting for somthing to happen. After a while the window in my room started to glow with an etheral light. It looked alot like the cover of the Tool album Aenima. After i spent minutes trying to make my way twoards it i was finally in, then the WILD started. Craziest thing I’ve ever felt…