It was once suggested to me that I make 2-3attempts per week

I read somewhere that one should only make 2-3 attempts at lucid dreaming per week to get good results, rather than every day. If you can naturally achieve LD’s everyday of course this would not apply to you, but for other people, it does.


I don’t think it necessarily is true or not. I think it’s simply a matter of finding what works for you.

Hmm . . . this does make sense to me. I usually have a chance to get a lucid dream most nights of the week, but I did sort of stop trying. I sort of have the mindset of “Okay, let’s go to bed again and try the technique that never works.” But maybe I should think more like “Okay, let’s try this technique. I can only do it once in a while, so I’d better not blow it.”

The way it sounds to me, well let’s say I’m playing a video game, and I’m on a stage that seems just about impossible, to the point where I just can’t beat it. If there’s no limit to how many times I can play it, I’m more operating on muscle memory, just pressing the same buttons over and over again, just watching TV and not even thinking about what I’m doing. But if I’m only able to play it at certain times, I might start putting more thought into it, and come up with a new way of defeating Bowserdorf.

This is all just a hypothesis by an inexperienced lucid dreamer who hasn’t even had a real lucid dream yet, so you probably shouldn’t take it too seriously! But maybe I can one day talk myself into putting it to the test. . . .