Itches and Twitches

I tried a search but couldnt find anything emediately pertaining to my plight. Alot of nights when I’m trying to sleep. I start to feel like my eyelids are heavy enough to stay closed. I’m laying there then… twitch my legs both jolt backwards.

Thats just an example of what happens. It seems to effect all my extremities. I’m just not sure what it is or what could be a cause. What really irks me is it seems to delay me from falling asleep from 20 mins to an hour… I’ll feel soooo relaxed and can feel like I’m about to drift off then… BAM I flinch and am as awake as ever! I also notice crawling itches around my body as well. Which get irritating. I’ll scratch an itch then seconds later another will appear somewhere else.

Anyone have any clue what this is? Or what it may be. Most of all if there is some sort of solution??

The only solution I know is to ignore it. I get the twitches every now and then, but not every night. For me, the twitches probably happen because I think about it a split second before it happens.

Thinking about something subconciously may have something to do with it. That or maybe something along the lines of sleep paralysis. Except the opposite I haven’t fully gone into sleep mode but I involuntarily act out part of an initiating dream. Making me kick. But I don’t know what the itches are either. Its just strange because it will happen for such a seemingly long time :meh:

The kicking/jerking movements are likely to be myoclonic jerks

It sounds very reasonable with the definitions of myoclonic jerks. However I have no history of the so called “main causes” of it. Other than, a compression fracture in my spine. Due to a car accident.

However it not sustaining any kind of neurological damage. I may be part of the “healthy percentage” of people it effects. IE they really don’t know what the heck causes it…

it is harmless when it happens when just going to sleep, so I wouldn’t worry about it … I think it has a sub-heading of hypnic jerks then if I recall correctly.

There was a study about this recently, they think its down to our primal instincts of when we lived in trees: It’s to stop us falling out of them!

I can’t remember the name but apparently most people get it whether they are aware of it or not, just seems like you get it more often than most!!

Sometimes when I am really, really tired I will be falling asleep, but before I am completely unconscious I will sometimes have that uncontrollable twitch or jerk. It’s never excessive, just one or two big twitches.

I don’t remember if it has anything to do with my sleeping position. I think it will randomly happen no matter if I am laying on my back or side.

I have noticed though, that it happens more frequently when cuddling on the couch with my girlfriend; we’ll both be falling asleep then I will have a sudden big twitch either in my arm or leg or abdomen. It always scares my gf awake and she yells at me to stop twitching! Neither of us know what exactly causes it.

Normally when it happens, I will jerk, then just nod back off to sleep.

Come to think of it now, I can recall this happening to me in school a lot. I’d be asleep laying my head on my desk, then I would jerk and kick a chair or desk close to me and everyone around me freaked out and got surprised when it happened and thought I was weird or had Tourette’s.

i have this sometimes minutes after falling asleep and start a pre-R.E.M dream, something in the dream like falling or in my last case “trying to dodge bolts of lightning hitting the ground and when one hits you you go flying a thousand miles an hour up into the air” your mind confuses with reality and you experience what is called “hypnic jerk”, your mind relaying a fight response to your body to correct whatever unnatural situation you’re in. you didnt mention anything about being in a dream so maybe it’s not the same thing? myoclonic jerk did they say it was"

yea that will go away eventually

the dream body is not connected to the physical properly so you get feedback interruptions like that

drinking a LOT of water before go to bed, having quartz crystals under your bed can help.

so does learning to run energy up and down the spine, to clean everything out.

we are electrical beings.

a good dose of melatonin is nice for this as well but it shouldn’t be done very often IME

focusing upon the forehead right when you are going to sleep helps you stay in the body and go into hypnotic trance but the energy system needs to be clean, and drinking a lot of water is the easiest way to clean it.

the throat is where dreaming is located and the heart is where deep sleep is. focusing your mind in any of those zones.

just a bit of “FYI”, for educational purpose and not to sound like a smart ass. myoclonic jerk is not the right term for this experience, that is merely a muscle or series of muscular jerks and twitches. hypnic jerk is the correct term, which is the same thing as myoclonic jerk but is used when describing the sensation while falling asleep. i see alot of people using myoclonic jerk for this experience i just wanted to clarify it.

This looks pretty dead but I thought I’d still post. I don’t know if your talking about Hynagogic jerks or something else, I get hynagogic jerks and these other jerks when I try to WILD which is like this jerk in my ankles EVERY time I exhale grrrrr. But anyways hynagogic jerks are when thiers tension in your limb so it twitches to get rid of it and right before it does this your mind makes up this ‘Mini-Dream’ to kinda explain it.