It's been a while

well, I’m back again LD4all, its been about at least… 3 or maybe 5 months? since i stopped doing all my routinely RCs and MILDS at night since I’ve been really busy for school assessments and all. And since its the holidays right now i thought it might be a good opportunity for me to start LDing again. So I was hoping that you guys can give me some tips on how to begin. thanks :smile:

I don’t know if you’ve had many LD’s in your life, but these tips are always useful, for experienced and unexperienced dreamers:
You should start with your DJ en your RC again. You have the opportunity to sleep longer now, so this is the perfect moment to do WBTB in combination with other tecniques. Try to get very motivated and visit LD4all a lot! If you’re not experienced, try some different tecniques, see what’s the best for you. Good luck!

love, Lillyth.

Thanks a lot for the advice Lillyth, but I think I’ll try do the RC’s and start with my DJ again because during the holidays I like to sleep late a lot :smile: