Julian Assange of Wikileaks to release UFO documents..

:woo: This is getting crazier and crazier by the moment.

in a recent interview, the owner of wikileaks said that he is going to release documents that mention UFOs.

newsflavor.com/opinions/wikileak … documents/

For those unaware of wikileaks (don’t see how that’s possible but!):


ears perk

I don’t believe that “flying saucers” are visiting us from other galaxies, or in alien abductions, etc.

I’m more inclined to believe that these “Ufos” people claim to have seen in the sky are man made. Definatly not aliens.

I don’t care what he’s putting up, that guy is a jerk. By releasing all that info from so many different places, he is stirring up a big heap of trouble. It’s called secret for a reason.

ufo documents would be cool, but want I really want are the still unreleased docs on the kennedy assassination

Some information should be kept secret. If everyone knows what everyone else is doing, it isn’t going to end well.

Maybe governments should stop behaving like children and start working together instead of against eachother.

Better yet, why not destroy all borders? Solves that problem.

No, it doesn’t. Humans don’t seem to work together, unfortunately. People won’t just forget the past, and they would never be able to agree on a universal set of laws. People are greedy, power hungry, and mean.

Goes very much for those who are in power :smile:the government,…), because power is what corrupts most.

You say those things should be kept secret? Then you didn’t understand the concept of democracy, and I guess you would be claiming to be living in one. The government is supposed to be serving its citizen, not the other way around.
Your government is supposed to protect you, not to obscure their internal way of working.

And now those who are affected in a most embarassing way by the revealed documents claim, that wiki leaks is endangering lifes. That is the most ridiculous thing to say.
Who is sending people to war? Who is endangering the life of soldiers? Who is ordering to kill other people?

It is not wiki leaks. It is your government (generally speaking).

Oh how you have to love the naivety of the human. Humans really are similar to sheep. We always want to be in a group and therefore follow all the others to whatever sounds interesting because we don’t want to be left standing on our own.
How we make plans to take power because we hate that shepherd who constantly tells us what to do and sets his dogs loose on us. But then when the shepherd is gone we crawl even closer because then we start to get affraid.
And what now if these sheep knew that old Betty didn’t just die but was actually shot for eating. Would that make them better sheep? Would that make them happier? Would that make the system better?
And what if they would take the chance, and try to take the fate of the entire farm in their own hands, and try to break free. A sheep might look like a nice fluffy animal but when hundreds of them start to rampage to a fence there is no stopping them, and a pack like that doesn’t have time to care about or stop for a few poor sheep that couldn’t keep up and were trampled, but hey, they are free now. The fence is gone, we are all one and the world is open for us. And the sheep all start to bleat triumphfully, untill one of the smarter sheep prods the others and points, and all noise dies down. Because it is now that they realise that they just broke through the fence that seperated them from the dogs, and there is no shepherd in sight…

But really Foley, and all of you, do you really think it will matter if there was a real UFO with aliens. Was your life troubled by it so far?
And you, dntrecords, do you really think your life would be a better one if you found out that it was the government or some sort of officials that shot Kennedy?
And Scarecrow, tell me, do you really, truly believe that this world would improve by taking away all borders, do you really believe that would work?
And Marvin, you want all secrets to be given to the people? You want a true democracy? You do know that translated it means; rule of the people? Well personally, if those people are the same that have made Justin Bieber one of the most popular people alive, and that keep on eating fastfood because they are too lazy to get out of their car, I’m not sure I want them to rule. And you don’t think if it turns out there might be aliens people would start to panic? Because it is in the human (and sheep) nature to be affraid for what we do not know or understand. And if the sheep know they live to be eaten they will start biting each other.
Whatever you say, the world is working now, or at least the civilized cultures are. If you have a house and a job, do you want to know it all? Maybe that is the question, lets ask:

People of the world: What is it we want?

Do we want all the truth, right, fairness and power in the world? Or do we simply want to be happy? I know I want the latter, and I also know it is a lot easier to achieve. So what shall it be; are we going to keep on arguing about lies and corruption, or are we going to get together and feel all right?

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