Not sure if this is a repeat or if this even belongs here, but, just saw Jumper on the big screen today and it gave me some serious inspiration and brain candy to bring with me to my dreams! Teleporting just made the “jump” (horrible, I know) to the top of my things to do while lucid list! Anyone else go see it and get all excited like me?!?

I haven’t seen Jumper yet, but I plan to sometime. It would be really awesome to do this! Can’t wait to do it sometime in my lucid dreams. :cool:

It was a cool idea, but a bad movie. Definitely something I’ll try eventually… Glad I didn’t pay to see it. :happy:

I guess I wasn’t really expecting anything as far as a good plot or any other aspects of an actually good movie… I was just expecting some sweet special effects that would make teleporting in my dreams look at that much cooler and they delivered! Sorry you didn’t enjoy it apples maybe you expect too much from a Hollywood blockbuster…

apples, was that foreshadow to illegal activity? I hope not… then again watching streaming films isnt againt the rules i i recall correctly…

She could have seen it home, on a DVD. :razz: And there are countries in which the download of such information is not a crime, so she could have done it at her own discretion, which she’s neither required nor really allowed to comment on in LD4all. :bruno:

My parents paid. :wink:

I wanted to see No Country for Old Men, but they were like “NOOO WE ALREADY DUN SEE THAT ONE”.

I actually had an ND about Jumper last night.

pokes at DJ link in sig :grin:

It was really difficult for me, but even so, it was an ND and an LD might prove more succesful.

I really want to see Jumper, but I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD. I bet you can teleport in real life, not just in LDs

With current science we can teleport photons and subatomic particles. Anyways Jumper looks pretty cool (no doubt it would be way cooler without Hayden Christiansen… &%$# you Ani!)

Movie was great. I really enjoyed it… would say more about it but don’t wanna ruin it for yall :smile:

zips lip

I AGREE. I really hated him and his character. :grrr:

Yeah, the movie was good.

yea i just finished watching it and it was pretty good and also is it possible to teleport in RL?

I just tried teleporting last night. I had to spin on my axis though. But it worked. :happy:


Well not really, but I still haven’t seen No Country for Old Men, or There Will Be Blood.

That’s a shame… Epic Movie is a dreadful excuse for a movie.

Yeah, because pop culture humor is hilarious cough SARCASM cough Let’s watch Meet the Spartans. I mean doesn’t Leslie Nielsen have anything better to do than star in Scary Movie 12?? F***ing spoof movies like Superhero Movie, that looks funny… NOT!

In other news, sun rises today.

Both of those movies are incredible.

I had a nd also about the movie. I had a fair amount of controll but i was not lucid. I could “jump” pr teleport and it got easier as the dream went on. It was cool as hell