just a few things i come to wonder..

What I noticed personally, I don’t know about you guys,
but as far as I know,
I ONLY or most of the time i ever dream is if I have my head turned to the right side of me when i sleep, if i sleep on my left, I don’t seem to dream… And I’ve come to wonder why I dream only, or more? on my right side…And I believe either it has to do with that side of my head, or Maybe its mind power and it happens that way because i believe it does. It’s all so strange…

Also something I wonder about, do drug help lucid dreaming at all?
I know sleeping pills make you really tired, and once i took them, and i noticed right away in an instant of closing my eyes i saw hypnotic imagery forming way faster than normal, like colors, shapes, etc…
no discussion of drugs in relation to dreaming please

Also what I noticed, is on the site here it said a few tips how to make your lucid dreams last longer, one was to try to hold onto a dream object, i noticed in the movie, Inception…

SPOILER - Click to view

The girl in the end is trying to have her last things to say before being pulled out of the dream, and she’s holding onto some post of the house until she lets go and wakes up. Just something I noticed…

This could be because you’re more comfortable on your right side and therefore will have better, less interrupted sleep and thus longer REM periods. Just a theory.

I guess it depends on the drug. However, as a rule of thumb, I’d say drugs hurt your chances of LD’ing. One reason is that they can affect your body in such a way that your sleep schedule gets messed up. Another reason is that some drugs, such as weed, impair your short-term memory and thus dream recall.

I think this was more of her (Ariadne) holding onto the post because of the storm going on. When she let go she fell off the building, thus causing a “kick” in the Limbo level of the dream. The thing is is that she didn’t need to try to stay lucid; the machine she was hooked up to was doing that for her. Thus her holding onto the post wouldn’t have been related to lucidity.
As a side note, though, interacting with dream objects does help with keeping lucid and increasing lucidity.

kk thanks this helps! :smile:

Speaking of drugs, I’ve heard that green tea is supposed to help with lucid dreaming. So, okay, it’s not really a drug, but it is a substance that has an effect on your state of mind. It calms you down while at the same time making you more alert, improving concentration and awareness.

I drink many cups of tea a day and I know the most lucid dreams I’ve had I had during a period when I favored green tea over other types. Don’t know if that’s merely a coincidence, but then again, there’s not much harm in drinking tea anyway. :smile:

oohh, i’ll try that.
can it be just any green tea, cause i know they have something like citrus green tea, if that makes a difference… o_0

You mean like green tea with citrus flavor? That shouldn’t matter. As long as it’s made from green tea leaves.

I didn’t know there might have been a connection, but I grab myself a milkshake nearly every night before I go to sleep cause i’m thirsty, and it would appear my dreams are more vivid when I do o_O
I’ll make sure never to miss out on one again!

What, a green tea milkshake…?

Nooo, strawberry xD

Oh, okay.

I don’t think there’s any connection between milkshakes and lucid dreams. But milk does have proteins that accelerate the melatonin production in your body, making you sleep better.

Actually; nope. The machine wasn’t doing anything other than keeping her in a stable dream. She, just like Cobb and the rest had learned to maintain their awareness. For example there’s the scene were Ariadne first experiences a shared dream - She’s hooked up to the machine but in the dream she’s not lucid until Cobb lets her know she’s dreaming.

Holding on to the post can very well be a mean to stay in the dream. We’ve all heard that a good way to stay in a dream is to grab something solid.

@MovieMe: Hm, good point. Forgot about that. :tongue:

I just remembered that I think I saw somewhere that there was a study being done on how different cheeses affected dream recall and vividness. If I remember correctly, cheddar cheese improved both recall and vividness if eaten about a half an hour before sleep.

Oh never mind to all,
just regular green tea other than citrus would be better,
anything citrus probably has higher acids in it, making you stay awake longer…i forgot that lol.

Guys I think you should put Inception related things in the spoiler tag, just in case somebody who hasn’t seen the movie reads it. :tongue:

I notice I have better recall while sleeping on my left :eh: , and most LD’s are from sleeping on my left as well. Milk does make my dreams more vivid :content:

It’s strange i guess my mind is convinced, or maybe its just me,
but all i know is some nights i choose I don’t want to dream, all I do is purposely sleep on my left and 99% of the time unless i end up rolling to my right in the night,
I really…don’t dream.

Didn’t read thru everything everyone said but it could be the alignment of your spine when u lie this way. I know I read somewhere that you might find it easier to induce dreams while sleeping flat on your back because the spine is straight aligned and not curved. Don’t really know much more than that about it.

that actually may be true. ^
my first lucid dream, i’m sure i was laying straight on my back for some apparent reason, was tired from already have been asleep…(of course…) and not only that, my head was turned to the right, I was super relaxed as well, I guess it was just the perfect chance for a LD to happen to me lol.