just a question

I open my window and I hear crickets abbd cars planes etc is this ok if I am going to have a LD?

Sometime I find it works better because when I dream I can feel the night air on my skin and it always increases the lucidity.
But it all depends on how comfortable you feel doing it… :wink:

If it distracts you when you’re sleeping, shut the window, but if you find it helps for some reason, leave it open.

I would agree with Napoleon. If the open window distracts you from having a LD then shut it. It doesn’t matter if it’s open or not.

I would say it most depends on the technique you’re using. This could lead to some interesting WILD-ing, when we seem most able to make those synesthetic connections that lead to vivid dream senses. But in my personal case, because I use MILD and CALD, once I become lucid even the feel of my bed IRL can be distracting as I try to stay asleep.

However, never underestimate the placebo effect! Don’t let yourself think it’s a problem!