Just an old dream.. fake lucidity?

Well… i dont remember too much, i only wrote down a 2 line summary of the dream, because it encompassed it all… Well i was walkking down the street, when i just decided Okay, im going to break the laws of physics, like… just literally thought that, saw my friends brother… did a super mario 64 3 jump over him, and flew to my school, then around back, to the woods, which was actually the wooded area of a different school. To which i realize what the hell i just flew here, Im dreaming, It registered, i knew i was dreaming, or so i thought, but i just like… looked at a few leafs and magnified my vision… idk how, and when i woke up, i knew i wasnt really in control of that, so yeah. just sharing, it was a really fun dream even if i wasnt in control, almost hopeing outta sharing maybe it will spark something in my subconcious to make me do it again. lol.

doesn’t sound like fake lucidity. just because you aren’t in control of the dream doesn’t mean you’re not aware of it.

That happened to me last night, but it wasn’t the first time.
You know, if you get lucid in a dream, but lose lucidity later and wake up, you will feel like you wasn’t really lucid.That’s exactly how i feel.But it happens.Sometimes you might recognize a dream, but just continue the dream the normal way.yep, nothing unusual.

:yes: that happened to me once. It took me a while to decide if it was a lucid dream or not since no one else can tell you. The only way to know is to remember what your thoughts were at the time.