Just can't get lucid! And even when I do...


In my dreams, I feel as if I lack any control over what I do. It’s almost as if I’m just watching a movie from the first person point of veiw. Because of this, it’s very hard to do an RC and get lucid because I don’t even realize I’m there! If that makes any sense…

There have been a few times I’ve gone lucid (before I even started trying) and these have lasted for a good half hour, but when I did, pretty much everything seemed normal, as if I was still in the real world. I couldn’t do anything special, and I know I was dreaming.



Read around the main site first, meinen freunde! There is a lot there that will help you out - specifically, guides entailing details of the different techniques and how to do them.

As Chilla said, WILD is one of the most common techniques, and in my case, the best. Try it out when you find out more about it. Take heed, it can be scary, but its worth it :happy:

Paranormal Powers will come in due course.