Just Knowing vs Deducing

Hey all,

I am a beginner at lucid dreaming and I have reached lucidity for 7-10 times now (lvl 1-2 btw). My only question/problem is, is that I feel that I have little control over becoming aware. I RC often when I am awake and MIlD as much as I can, but the times that I became lucid had little to do with MILDing or RCing. I just knew that I was dreaming without deducing. There never was a eureka moment. You can say that I became lucid apriori instead of aposteriori. Now this worries me because I have the feeling that I can’t train or control the awareness because I dont know what causes my lucidity/awareness.

My question is if you guys have/had the same issues and how you turned ‘just becoming aware’ into a trainable skill.

Edit: I am also interested in the more broader, less egocentric ( :wink: ) question how the most of you become lucid, is it just knowing or deducing it from what you experience in your dreams?

can you remember your dream goals while you are lucid ?

Yes, after I become lucid I do my RC’s and I then try to stabilize the dream (with only little succes). Especially trying to stabilize and sustaining the dream and creating more vividness are my first concerns while being lucid. This to do what every beginning lucid dreamer starts to do, to fly and to explore.

Do you know when during your sleeping cycle you become aware?
Can you trace the start of the dream to a certain point?