just saw Dawn of the Dead...

anybody else seen it yet? anybody wanna talk about it? oh man i just hope i have a nightmare about this movie tonight! :smile:

Looked like a ripoff of resident evil/night of the living dead to me. Is it good? Do the dead people try to eat them and all?

Actually it is a remake of the old Dawn of the Dead.

dawn of the dead… lemme summarize it for those that haven’t seen it (no no wait wait, there are no spoilers in this post, please read on)

if you took everything that was awesome and put it before a committee of awesome people. who then hand-picked a sampling of awesome things that complement each other awesomely from the pool of all things awesome, and then put said awesome things in a film about awesome zombies with awesome people fighting said awesome zombies… then you would have dawn of the dead… which is… well… awesome

this movie was SO well done, and resident evil can’t hold a candle to it. i am VERY particular about movies, so for me to give a movie such high praise means that it is truly awesome.

example: resident evil was NOT a good movie, it was an alright movie, but is in no way going to challenge me to see how many times i can use the word “awesome” in a sentence describing it

Wow, you sound just like Brodie and T.S. argueing about the cookie stand…

yes Dawn of the Dead is awesomely awesome. i just hope that Resident Evil:Apocoplypse is atleast half as good as this movie. on a side note im very disappointed i didnt have a nightmare or even a dream related to it at alllast night. I play a lot of Resident Evil games and zombies actually do seem to be a common occurance in my dreams. i was just hoping that i might be able to use a zombie to become lucid. but i havent had a dream with any undead since before my first LD. o well anyway yes this movie is just totally awesome. my brother seems to think the original Dawn of the Dead was better, but i wouldnt kno as ive never seen it. anyway go see this movie its gory as hell and just totally awesome!

Your signature is from the original Res Evil, isn’t it? That game genuinely scared me, because I was really young when I first saw it.

I haven’t heard anything about this film, could someone please give us a real plot synopsis?

why yes WaNnAbE, my quote is from the Resident Evil series. to be exact, the GameCube remake of ResidentEvil1, in the mansion, keepers diary, last two pages.
and sorry WaNnAbE, if i was gonna spoil the plot i would’ve done it in the first post i made. you’ll just have to go see it.

One Time I was stupid enough to play Resident Evil with the lights off, at 12:00, when everyone in my house was asleep. Man, did I hae trouble getting to sleep that night :happy:

I just saw it last night. OMFG!! it was great. I lover zombies and i love all of the origanal “…of the dead” movies. I was so scared to see this movie cause i was afriad they would screw it up hard core as holly wood often does. and when they didn’t it got me thinking, Why? Cause its canadian. anyway yes it is truely awesome. and to clarify it is a remake from tthe 70s and is reativily close to the origional if i remeber correctly. though i don’t quite remember how the origionall ends.

you know that res evil 2 isn’t even ganna hold a candle to this movie. Before i saw dawn i was waiting for res evil 2 and was ganna see it in the theater but now I know that its just ganna be a disapointment in compairison.

And i also have to say that i liked 28 days later but this was like 20 times better then it.

and omg the begining in the morning is so intense.

anyway, Something incredable is comeing that will also destroy resident evil. the writter and director of the origional “…of the dead” movies is in the process of writing reconing of the dead. which takes place Two years after day of the dead. where the few human left are ready to start anew, being as the zombies are little threat thanks to the decompasition process after 2 years. cant wait for that one. Dude said he thinks its the best one he’s ever writtin.

Heh, yeah, that’s right. And when you finish reading it, a zombie jumps out of the wardrobe and comes towards you really quickly, right? Oh no, wait, that’s just before you try to read it. Yeah, that’s right.


Better than 28 days later? Then i just have to see this as i liked that movie, it wasnt mindblowing but very entertaining still. Ive heard about the original ones, famous classics, but never saw them…

But what im intrested is if anyone seen this Dawn Of The Dead has seen the EVIL DEAD which was really really damn good. So if its even near its quality, i just gotta run to see that movie now instantly. :tongue:

I love the whole evil dead seiries. but its hard to compair them to this because the evil deads are all b-movies, there all about gory zombi fun were as this is going back to sombie roots in a serous a-movie. But yeah if you like zombie you’ll love it. And just for the record, If you liked the evil deads, go rent dead alive right away. its up there with them. but don’t get the edited version. It’s the goriest zombie movie i’ve ever seen and if you get the edited version you’ll miss alot.

hey linnnunhammas, i havent seen Evil Dead, but i have played a video game called EvilDead:Fistful of Boomstick go here for info -> gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/data/33134.html
. And i also saw Army of Darkness which was also directed by Sam Raimi i beleive(not quite sure tho, i remember seeing his name in the credits). I thought that AoD was just to dumb and silly to be taken serious. i do plan on seeing Evil Dead sometime soon hopefully, but i hope its better than Army of Darkness, b/c after seeing that i kinda doubt Raimi’s abilities as a director.

Saw day of the dead yesterday and it made me dream that i was a living dead. Sadly i didn’t get the urge to hunt down umans and eat them. I just knew i was a living dead. But it was still cool :smile:

The original Dawn of the Dead is great. Can’t belive i havn’t seen it until now! I’ve always wanted to see it and The Night of the Living dead but never done it until now.

I think there is a point to watching them in order, even if the second movie is the best by far.