Just tried my 2nd WBTB attempt but failed.

Hello LD4all, i tried yesterday my 2nd attempt on WBTB technique.
Here it is what i did:

1- Set up my alarm for 4 hours later (i went to sleep at 2.00 am woke up and 6.00 am).
2- Went to sleep and using MILD technique with a mantra saying “When i’ll dream i’ll become lucid”.
3- Nothing happened.
4- Woke up and made a few reality checks
5- Tried to remember what i dreamed before but couldn’t remember.
6- Turned on my PC and came to LD4all to get some motivation, also reading WBTB technique.
7- After 10-15 mins i went back to bed and felt asleep.
8- Nothing happened, couldn’t even remember a single dream.

So, is there anything that i am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Not really, it’s just your second attempt. You can possibly try sleeping a bit longer before you try WBTB.

It’s not going to work every time even when you get everything perfectly, just enhance the probability. I can really just say to keep it up, and if it doesn’t work repeatedly then you will probably benefit from adjusting parts of your technique. Two attempts is way too soon to tell if what you’re doing works or not.

Pretty much the same as masonc said, it’s only your 2nd attempt, you have to give it some time to see if it works.
Remember to keep trying, even if you don’t get Lucid Dreams (i had a decent ammount of them some month ago, and it still took me a month to get one again, so DON’T GIVE UP! you WILL get them if you keep trying, and if it really doesn’t work then just change technique :content: )

little sidenote: Try waking yourself up saying the mantra “I’m goingto wake up in 4 hours (or next time i’ll dream/etc.)” It’s less “traumatic” than an alarm, and it never let me down, not even once (but i fall asleep quite often without even saying it :grin: )

I tried to do that when i had to go to the school
i had a mantra on my head “I will wake up at 8 am”
And i over-slept lol.

I’m not to sure about how precise it wakes me up… :shy:

You shouldn’t follow the technique point for point like that.
The idea with WBTB is to interrupt a REM period and then fall back to sleep into it after stimulating your brain for a while.
You will have to experiment with everything else and see what works the best for you.