Just very incredibly simple way to get deep lucid dreams.

I think when doing this, you concentrate on getting lucid dreams as well. Therefore, I think that this concentration on lucid dreaming makes you have better results. It’s something like MILD.
I wouldn’t see any difference in closing your right or left nostril, as they both connect anyways.
You can do anything to keep your expectations active. You can drink a glass of water, saying that this is an elixir, which will prolong your lucid dreams, you can do anything you want.
So my opinion is that our expectations while doing something brings us the results, the action is not that important itself.

I read that it is a Yoga method of relaxing, so it could be connected to sleeping.

Yes I saw that too, but never figure out why are they doing that :grin: .

I’ll try, it can’t be harmful!



How do you exhale?! Through nose or mouth?!

Actually forgot about this last night as I got sidetracked.

Will retry tonight. On another note, I plan on just exhaling through my nose.

Edit: and yeah, it does seem to be prevalent in some yoga techniques. I googled it yesterday after I read this topic and found out that there’s some tradition of doing this. May just work. :smile:

You breathe through the nostril, so it’s inhaling and exhaling through it :smile:

In Yoga, you hardly ever use your mouth to breathe.

Ooohhh, I see, heh cool! :grin:

bout to try this durring wbtb

No lucid dreams last night (more my stupid brain’s fault for not falling asleep easily after the first time I woke up, though…)

I did this technique twice (once at night and once early in the morning) and had a very long and vivid normal dream just before I woke up. I see no harm in trying this again tonight as it doesn’t really take any extra effort at all. :smile:

I didn’t had any difference in dreams, but that’s maybe my fault because I was doing this tech wrong. I exhaled through mouth, maybe that’s the problem. I’ve also tried it twice [but wrong :shy: ], first at bed time and second for WBTB.

I’ll try it again tonight and report tomorrow!

I tried it last night and surprisingly had three connected dreams that were pretty vivid (more than usual). I woke up randomly and did it again and went back into the same dream. Thanks for the tip man, I will definitely keep trying this and see what happens from there. Oh yea, and in one of my dreams, I was asking my teacher if he has ever had a lucid dream and he says he has them every night. Still can’t go lucid when I talk about it in a dream, lol, oh well, it was still a good dream. :smile:

Dream Yoga huh?

Sounds like something I need to look into. I’ll give this tch a go tonight, couldn’t hurt right? X

Tried this last night and I just fell asleep like a rock. I did not even remember my dream and the whole thing failed for me, maybe because I did not really do that exercise right.
Gotta try this properly again tonight!

Woke up early this morning and read this thread so I tried the left nostril breathing and combined it with something I just learned from a Chinese cranial massage therapist. The therapist told me to apply pressure on the top of my head if I wanted to sleep better. To find the point start from the top of the ears and go all the way to the top of the head.

Went back to bed and ended up having a long regular dream.

For how long you have to apply pressure?! And how strong has to be?

Couldn’t you have put that into a spoiler :grrr:

I am so trying this tonight.

I did it just for giggles because I figured it would only take about a minute and I ended up having a lucid dream, which is my first one in a few weeks.

I need some help with this (the thing that is the easiest LD technique/booster-thingymabob in existance); I can’t seem to find a good way to keep my finger on my nose. Basicaly the last 2 times I did this, I ended up giving up, since I couldn’t get to sleep any way I tried it. Any advice?

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I’ve tried the technique, had a pretty long and nice dream.
I’d say lucidity 5-10%
Going to do so again tonight.
Oh and by the way, I didnt think this would work, but it did.
It does make us relaxed which helps :razz:

From https://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/03/about-85-of-people-only-breathe-out-of-one-nostril-at-a-time/