Lack of Motivation

Well, when I first started off I tried to have an LD every day. About 2 weeks in I was lucid for a couple seconds and woke up. My DR shot up since I started coming to this site and writing dreams down. I get a lot of “off days” where i dont remember my dreams.

Now, I lack motivation to go on. I would LOVE to have an LD. But it doesn’t seem like its going to happen anytime soon. I’m sure if I had at least ONE LD i would get right back into i, but I’m too impatient to wait for months.

Does anyone know any sure-fire ways to get into an LD? I’m not saying its easy, or theres any guaranteed way to get in. Just (please) tell me what worked most for you.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t tell you what to do but I can tell you what not to do and that’s not to use the lack of motivation method because it doesn’t work at all and there is no easy magic trick to give you a LD, believe me, I know. I had one brief LD after about a month or so of writing down my dreams and participating in the forum and it’s been over a year and a half and I haven’t had another one.

My dream recall used to be very good but lately I’m happy if I’m able to write down one dream every 4 or 5 days. Actually, that doesn’t make me happy but it’s better than nothing. So the answer is to practice all of the common techniques that are out there over and over and over until you find one that works. And I bet reality checks would be a huge help because that’s one thing I’ve never gotten into the daily habit of doing and look at me, no LDs. You don’t want to wait months, ha, I’ve waited many months, so if you want a surefire way to LDs, just work on it and don’t be lazy like me! :smile:

I was very much in your same position, I had lost all motivation and one night I went to bed a little drunk and saw super-clear HI and “just stepped in”… anyways bottom line don’t worry it’ll happen :wink:

Thats it! Insane amounts of alcohol!!

Kidding, hehe. Thanks for the advice.

And Cyn, i think thats my problem. I NEVER do RCs, and if i do its maybe once a day. It’s something i’d never think to do in a dream, i find it pointless, even though i know it isnt.

Use Cynster as an inspiration. If she can spend that much time and still try to LD, then there is no reason for us to lose motivation, especially if she has been trying this long. When I lack motivation in anything, I need some kind of inspirational leep. You know, something that I can step up on to re-inspire me and take me further. Good luck :smile:

Ayen , RCs are the best thing that ever happened to LDs! They are not a beginner thing! I have had 30 Lds and I still do RCs. Reality Checks help because if you get used to doing it IRL when something weird happens , your brain will get used to doing it in your dreams so when something weird happens in your dreams you will automatically do a RC and obviously convince yourself you are dreaming.

And btw, I didn’t like your first post in this thread very much. You say you would love to get a LD ? Well keep trying, if you loved it so much you wouldn’t be impatient and give up. Getting Lds is like learning a new language. first you’l learn a couple of words, then later on you’l learn more and more that you find it easier to understand and easier to speak. Finally in the end you will learn the lagnuage and even then you won’t learn it all. When trying to get a LD, first you’l learn a couple of things aout getting LDs, then you’ll learn more and more. Then you’l find it easier to get Lds. And in the end, you will get good Lds. So just try hard and you will be rewarded.