Last Night's Dreams Highlights!

The highlight of last night’s dream:

I was at work. Working.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. :sad: :tongue:

Same here, I was dreaming about my work and I was not happy, I was frustrated…

Last night’s dream was in the same settings as many before that. I was getting ready for school even though I was going to work. Funny story because in WL I do work and I do not go to school anymore.

As usually the problem arise when I actually need to go. Always something. This time it was a choice between the means of transportation… My first choice was scooter and I already took the helmet when I saw the weather changing over the garage. I could see how clouds were building up and getting darker and darker.

After that I choose a car over scooter but then again I opened the garage doors and 2 cars were there. Which one to choose?

First car was Pontiac Firebird and the second was Chevrolet Camaro.

Camaro was full red color, Firebird was black but firebird on the hood was red.

Later on I remember waking up for work - was not a FA!

Last Night:

Forgot about this for a second. :razz:

Last night’s dream was about solar eclipse. Very nice and peaceful dream although my eyes got damaged by looking at sun too much… :grin:

I got into a relationship using “ld abilities” to impress them. We dated for a while, went to a theme park, and I did some interesting things. They asked me what all I could do, and I said all kinds of things, and then I said “or make the sun explode.” and they gave me a horrible look, so told them i was just kidding.

Later, i figured out that they were just using me for my abilities, and I broke it off.

2 lucid dreams, second one was the continuation of the first one. I was on the street of some to me unknown city. Realized that’s the dream because of some sign that looked very familiar and that made me to question everything.

Later on I used telekinesis for fun and to do some mess and screw with people.

  • funny though I didn’t fly, which is what I do in almost every LD…

I was playing GW2, running around in wvw chaining knockdown on enemies by using a “wooden plank”. There was nothing they could do but spending too much time on the ground. But their companions didn’t seem to like it either…

In a ND last night I was in Skyrim and put on some golden armor, it was pretty cool. The chest and shoulder pieces stuck to me as if by magnetism.

I also explored a pretty cool Minecraft world.

I was singing loudly in a choir, and was low lucid at least through a part of it. After that, I witnessed a cyborg waking up to discover what he now looked like, and tried to save somebody from drowning in a raging maelstrom.

I summoned Cthulhu, turned him into a chicken, then someone else took him to make chicken sandwiches.

Last Night:

I was on a beach at night, I had just become Lucid for no reason, when the sky turned dark orange with red patches. I was facing away from the sea and turned around, expecting to see an amazing sunrise. Boy was I wrong, I was barely able to catch a glimpse of the huge nuclear missile on the horizon, as it exploded mid-air.

The blast was truly beautiful in a dark way

SoaD: Wow, that sounds like a dream to remember :cool:

Last night, I expected a visit from my uncle, but got a visit from an Elf. The way he was represented in the dream confused my senses, and it made me lucid. He went missing later, and I looked for him for a long time, through a street market full of artists and street musicians. I was lucid for a very long time. I’ll type it up better tomorrow, when I have more time.

Now that’s cool! :grin:

It’s definitely going on my “to do list”. Also I would “add” experience of surviving the explosion as it was in the last X-men movie The Wolverine - I don’t wanna be a spoiler but if you watched it then you will know what I’m talking about! :content:

Last night I had all kinds of dreams: the nice ones, the sad ones, the profound ones, the awesome ones…

The nice dream was about talking to a person I never met before about everyday things. The setting was very similar to scene in inception where was Cobb and Ariadne in their first shared dream experience. Only difference was that everything was in a white tone, the street was white, building behind us was white, chairs and table were white and we were in white clothes. We had a nice talk.

The sad one was very emotional. Don’t know why but I was at the basketball game and one of the players fell down on his neck and broke it. In a matter of the seconds players realized what happened, the crowd jumped and there were tears on my eyes immediately. Everyone got around. Even now the feeling is still strong, feeling of sadness.

The profound one was about alcohol. Some might think that there is nothing profound about this topic I disagree :smile:.

And the awesome one was about extreme sport. There were polygons with ramps and quad motorcycles. It was extreme and awesome to watch!

I “woke up” from a dream early in the morning with it still fresh in my mind. (I don’t remember what it was about now though). I felt exhausted and sluggish, but the lights were on and I knew I had to get up and get ready for school, but I just really didn’t want to. Then I suddenly thought, “But wait, isn’t this still a dream?” I tried to do a reality check, But I felt so sleepy and the lights were so blindingly bright that I couldn’t bring myself to move or open my eyes. I concluded from the bright lights and my lack of desire to move that this was WL, and went back to sleep… or I just exited the dream, in other words.

Now this actually makes me excited, because the fact that I’m questioning my reality and having FAs means that I’m getting closer to lucidity! :happy:

A few nights ago I dreamt I was at some party, and I saw a miniature version of one my friends hiding under a table. Let’s call him Darren. In the dream Darren had a British accent and explained to me that he, his miniature self, had the same personality as another full-sized human that he knew, and that that full sized human had a miniature self with the same personality as Darren’s full sized self.

When I told the real Darren of my dream he thought it was funny and invited me to a party.

Silver Surfer -

I was in some dream place which I really don’t remember but suddenly a blue-ish man flew above me, it looked like silver surfer from marvel comics. Of course that didn’t strike me as odd but luckily for me “he” flew again and then it hit me - hey man, it’s silver surfer must be the dream…

From that point I had 2 lucid dreams. Firstly I rubbed my hands together to stabilize the dream and then I pinched my nose just to confirm that I am in a dream because I was about to do some crazy shit! :grin:

I went to space for the first time ever in my dream last night. I don’t mean just, like, being in space; I mean I was on earth and I actually flew to space. I sped through thundering clouds, through earth’s heavy atmosphere until I was free from it’s gravitational pull. I kept going, and even at tremendous speeds the moon still seemed to be moving ever so slowly up to my eye level.

The entire process was actually very scary. It felt so unnatural to go beyond the clouds and into the void of space. I was able to feel just how vast space was, and let me tell you it wasn’t exactly comforting.
But you know, even though I was scared, I think back now and just can’t help but think how amazingly awesome it was too.