Lately, Deild is getting complicated for me.....

Hello all of you!

Since about 2 months I can not Deild anymore. I don’t know what’s the cause of this problem and I hope you can help me. Well I’m not new to Deild and I did it a couple of times before but now there is a sort of a barrier in my head.
I make my mantra to wake up after every dream and stay still. It works great, I wake up and don’t move (I never really had problems with this). Normally I would just concentrate on the dream I had and would instantly transision into it (at least this was how I did it all the other times). But since 2 months it doesn’t work anymore. I concentrate on the dream, the transision noises kick in and it feels like I’m getting sucked into my dream. But after about 2 seconds, it just stops. I’m not in sp anymore and neither am I in a dream (I do a RC after that). Then I’m wide awake and have to struggle with falling asleep again. I also tried many different ways to get into the dream again but all the times, I just experience this.

It really annoys me and I hope you can help me with this! :help:

If you’re concentrating too much on going back into a dream or the DEILD process, it can make your mind too active. Try to remain passive, maybe repeating something like “I’m dreaming” over and over. You could also try to continue the previous dream in your head like you mentioned. Try not to think about what your body feels like or actively listening/looking for HI as this will also move the concentration away from going back into dream.

Yeah I’m gonna try that next time. I tried something similar before (Imagining a own dream) but I couldn’t fall asleep because it just kept my mind too active. Thank you for your help and I’ll post my results. :smile: