Lazy (Laziness stopping you lucid dreaming?)

I honestly think at least 90% of us could learn to LD almost every day if we actually tried.I dont mean just “kinda” trying MILD every night, or doing WILD when you remember, but actually putting effort into it.

I would bet that If I made myself do 1 RC every hour, after a month, I would probably LD every night.If If someone were to actually try WILD ( which I actually am seriously trying for 1 month right now) like every night, and not forget for maybe 2, 3 months, they could most likely master it.Its just that humans get discouraged, and we forget about things.

Appended “(Laziness stopping you lucid dreaming?)” to the topic title for clarification. :dragon:

I concur, Ha. LD should be a art more easily mastered than set up to be. It’ll come easier depending on your view of it, or reason for doing it rather. Escape? Life questioning? Exploration? Wonder? Or maybe your like me; sick of paying for EVERYTHING and would like to tap into what I call the “Best thing since… ever”

Learn this detail about yourself, realize your subconscious is not just some over fabricated “Yoga-Term” from the far East. It really is “YOU”. Just the “YOU” form without all the baggage, and mis-conceptions of the Waking World.

Oh, and I’d quadruple that figure. Reality check at least every 30 minutes, if not every 15. Remember what your trying to do here. Your trying to tap into your sub conscious; and your trying to undo 5,000 nights of sleep where you programmed yourself into the reality that “My dreams control me.” Rather than the much different stand point, "I control my dreams."

it’s gotten pretty bad for me lol. I even stopped keeping a DJ but i think after looking at this, I’m gonna start up agan tonight. I’ve just been way lazy and fall asleep too quick lately. The last LD i had was like a month ago and i didn’t even try though.

i agree too

i am capable of lucid dreaming every night
but i stopped really caring for it ,

a friend used the light-switch RC and she said it works 100% of the time
do I really care ? I tried to do the lightswitch RC “yes this is awesome it will help me” and i always gave up!

really i simply want to bear witness to normal dreams with lucid consciousness, remembering everything.

No, I dont mind the new title ( except for the grammatical error, but i dont really care)

Well, I hope I’ve inspired a few people with this post at least.

I haven’t had an intentional lucid dream in about four years because of my laziness. I’m going to try and get back on schedule this spring break by keeping both a diary and a conjoined dream journal… just to see what dream signs I get when I’m in which particular mood. :3

Anyway… yes, laziness takes a huuuuuge toll.

oh for sure

the effort i put into anything ebbs and flows. admittadly right now it’s ebbing. when we actually put our effort into something though we can achieve a lot.

I doubt.

If you tried every day, it’ll just slip farther XD

In all seriousness, you’re right.

True, I’ve lost most motivation. I never really was too serious about it, come to think of it, but I think I’ll start RC’ing and keeping a dream journal, if I can remember to.
Doing an RC right now, it’s best to start early :happy:
Thanks for making this topic. LD’s every night appeal to me greatly, so it’s time to get to work on this.

Laziness and lack of motivation really harmed my progress through LDing the first time I got involved with it. That, and impatience. I just couldn’t stick with any tech or aid or supplement if it didn’t incur immediate results.

Laziness and impatience are aggravating things, but I really believe that I’m finally motivated and mature enough to not give up so easily now.

yeah ive been getting lazy too, but i think that this thread has inspired me, too get off my butt and actully start to try again, write in that dream journal and get lucid