LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

ADDENDUM: I noticed it wasn’t clear enough in the description,
Every dream is considered a single one until you get out of bed and/or write down your dreams.

All rule changes will be edited into the first post when the challenge starts, or before if required.

Count me in! :happy:

I need the extra motivation. And it should be fun!

I also suck at telling how long the dream went, but as you said, with this system even if you are off by a minute or two it should still be easy to put it in the correct “group”. I’ll have to really invest in my middle-of-the-week LD’ing. Maybe I’ll even get good at it!!

Good luck everyone, and remember to have fun! :wink:

I’m in, I could use the boost of competition :tongue:
But I would like to point something out.

1 min x 4 = 4 mins
4 mins x 4 = 16 mins…not 15

So will the cut off for that time period be 15 mins, and then 1 hour…4 hour…then 15 hours? or would it be at 16 mins then 64 mins (which is 16 x 4) and so one up?
Either way though, telling between 15 mins and 16 mins is very difficult in a dream, so having a rounded cut off at 15 would probably be a little easier in my opinion.
(I’m an engineering student, I tend to over-analyse things :tongue:)

The 15-instead-of-16 thing was for a pretty rounding when it comes to the next x4, so it’s more appealing to see 1 hour instead of 64 minutes :tongue: but after that, it should pretty much go by the standard rule, so ticks at 4hrs, 16hrs, 64hrs etc.

Congrats on winning the last challenge, TC. It was a fun competition, but you beat me in the end :cool:

Count me in.

I have some concern about the rule changes though. While I agree that the old rules were not appropriate any more, I think the new ones are too complicated. We are not all math students here :wink: I’m sure you can simplify them without destroying your purpose of creating greater differentiation of points.

Well then, the relevant changes I made were:

  • the progressive points system for LD duration
  • the chaining/getting back lucidity issue
  • the late/early points awards
  • the Quest bonus

and the rest is entirely dependant on the task I’ll be assigning, so nothing permanent and/or important per se.
I guess one reason this seems complicated is because it’s all too crammed in a short post, I’ll look into explaining the whole thing better. :wink:

Well tosxychor, i have to say… Wow!

You’ve made some changes i like, i’ve thought for a while that the lucid points were a little over powered and the task points underpowered. People were getting lucid but doing no tasks, and gettin way more points than someone getting lucid a bit less, but doing the tasks.

I also am hapy that you are including the monthly quest as part of the challenge. I wanted to make changes, but i guess i was just afraid i would do it wrong, or that people wouldn’t like them. :sad:

Anyway, I would like to, if possible, join this challenge, I have gotten 75% of my LD’s because of the challenge motivatd me to get them. I’ll be a much more active challengee then i was a task master :tongue:

/me signs up to the list.

:unsure: where is the list? :hmmm: /me hides behind the wall and keeps Quiet :silent:

I’m keeping the list in the first post, GHOSTIE.
I’ve tidied up the list, now the whole thing should be more understandable :content:
Also, I’ve rounded up a lot of task-related bonuses, since now LDs could easily award 40+ points for some, instead of just 30.
And the dream duration refers to dream time.

Wasn’t sure at first, but I thing I’ll SIGNUP again. :smile:

But about the challenges, could you make them a bit flexible, so we would not have to give up OUR goals - when we attempt to complete the challenge?
Challenges that are less specific, and have more room for creativity,
less - what to do, and more - how to do it.
I’m sure it’ll be fun. :razz:

I’ll sign up to, was some time I participate in a challenge but I remember, that the first one I was in, got me lucid the very same night.

I’m willing to give the new rules a try. :smile:

You hit that nail right on the head with that one :wink: I had exactly this in mind, to provide challenges that require to do often common/generic actions, but in multiple, original and/or creative ways :happy: so stay tuned, I’ve got 10 awesome tasks right here for you to explore and enjoy :content:.

I can’t possibly pass up on this Challenge. Count me in too. :happy:

(Though part of me is hoping I lose so I can compete against you, tosxyChor :tongue:)

Count me in! I’m currently experimenting with some prototype techniques that (in theory) give a 100% chance of lucidity. So, I should be able to get my LD rate high enough. :grin:

I’m very glad to see so many enthusisatic people willing to compete! :happy: I’ll do my best to give you a satisfactory challenge.
And Wyvern, if you want it, I can always try and compete unofficially :tongue: I’ll just apply myself to do the tasks each night, and count the points up in my DJ. Tell me what you think about that :wink:

I know, but if I don’t know how much the dream lasted, I would feel guilty myself. I don’t think much would change though, seeing that I can only get lucid once a week or something. :sad:

Thanks for the detailed answer, I think I get it now. :content:

Ok so you will give us tasks to complete, just like in the LD4all goals, and will we have to report here our lucid dream and will receive a total score ?

This sounds fun, I’m always looking for new ideas of things to achieve in LDs when I don’t have enough motivation to meet Fujimoto :smile:

I’ll join :wink:

I would be happy to join. :cool_laugh:

Wonderful :colgate:
Omnisomnia joined by PM. The slots are sure filling up fast ^^

oh man this challenge will be fun! So mane nice active people here! :grin: