LC #34

I had a long LD early in the morning and a short one later on, after moving from my bed to the couch.

30 seconds of lucidyty, made up some music.

Tonight I’ve had a medium LD. It was pretty cool. It was the first time I’ve flown in a dream. It was so reallistic! :smile:

well last night was the closest ive ever gotten to completing the 3rd task…
I was an Assasin on a quest to find something when i fell from a bridge or a boat. Then i saw a huge whale come out of the water and land on me… :bored:

I also dreampt that i was at school, where i met an old friend of mine from a swim team that i used to be in. Then i started to swim-fly. I wondered to myself why i had never done this before when I saw a book that was written by the LD4ALL community… i asked myself, “what if i’m really just dreaming?” I realized i was dreaming and i woke up…
So i was never lucid but hey, i guess i sorta made up my own dream check! :tongue:

med LD

About 4 min LD this morning. I don’t really remember how I got lucid though… o_O, I just remember flipping a penny that read 1cent which turned too 2cents a lot, I kept checking, cause I didn’t believe I was dreaming. Eventually I was sure and flew out of my house to the street. I remembered about the LC- flying to space. So I took off flapping my arms up to the sky, and a few times remembered to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands together. It felt kind of long…but I finally saw black, I was in space. So once in space I remembered to visit some planet and meet some aliens. I looked around and spotted a weird looking planet, which was in the shape of a skull. I flew towards it, an orangey-black looking planet. I looked around but couldn’t find any living lifeforms. That’s all I could remember :razz:.

One long LD

Short LD a few days ago and a five-minute LD last night where I remembered the task and dove in two pools. There were some people there, and when I first dove in the first one, I swam as deep as I could for a few seconds before I ended up getting lifted out of the pool. I felt too buoyant to stay in. I tried again at the second one, and made myself breathe underwater this time, as I’d held my breath before. Then I went looking for a lake or ocean or something, though it was nighttime. I do recall seeing it as I flew, but I don’t remember if I actually made it to/in it.

Edit: Haven’t been keeping my DJ the last several days. Have not been sleeping as I should lately, and I just woke up from 19 1/2 hours. I should start keeping it again tomorrow after work. I’m just lucky I did something task-related while lucid before it ended. :meh:

ZRVera: |40 points for two short LDs + 30 points for a medium LD = 70 LD points|, and |30 points for going underwater + 30 task while lucid + 20 early points = 80 task points|.

GnarGnar: I added |20 points| for making up your own song.

DreamSailor: If I read that right, you were lucid, had a FA, and regained lucidity, so that counts as one long LD with lucidity lost and regained. |40 points for a long LD + 5 regaining lucidity = 45 LD points|. Nice job!

demented: |30 points for a medium LD + 10 points for a lucid moment = 40 LD points|. You also beat your earlier score on task 1; your new score is |10 points for leaving Earth + 30 points for flying in space + 30 task while lucid = 70 points|. (Also, I seem to have made an error and left some of your points from last week out of my spreadsheet, so I’ll rectify that.)

Siiw: |20 points for a short LD|, and |30 points for playing music + 20 points for playing with DCs + 20 points for playing an original piece = 70 points for task 2|. Did you perform for an audience in that dream?

Thorn: |40 points for a long LD + 20 points for a short LD = 60 points|.

Zzz: |30 points for your medium LD|. When you flew, did you fly among the clouds (your personal task)?

skyglide: |10 points for the lucid moment|. Did you actually go underwater in your ship dream?

Limitles: |30 points for your medium LD|.

StarryGwee: |20 points for your short LD|. You beat your earlier score on task 1; your new score is |10 points for leaving Earth + 30 points for flying in space + 30 points for visiting a planet + 30 task while lucid = 100 points|.

Rhewin: |40 points for your long LD|.

Current Standings

StarryGwee: |200 points|
GnarGnar: |190 points|
Rhewin: |200 points|
Limitles: |50 points|
Thorn: |90 points|
Leijona: |10 points|
ZRVera: |435 points|
Siiw: |195 points|
demented: |315 points|
brandon2071: |0 points|
Ysim: |345 points|
EyesWide: |160 points|
skyglide: |215 points|
PrecisionConage: |0 points|
DreamSailor: |315 points|
Zzz: |110 points|

The challenge is now half over! You’ve all been doing a great job, and I want to congratulate you all - especially the newer LDers - for what you’ve accomplished in the first half of this LC.

I also want to remind you all of your personal tasks and April’s monthly quest. Only one person has completed their personal task so far, and it’s worth a lot of points, so it’s worthwhile to make that a priority.

Now on to…

Task 4: Epic Battle Scene!

Do you ever like to imagine that you’re fighting in an epic battle like in your favorite book, movie, or video game? Your task this week is to choose your enemy and then fight them in a battle worthy of the dream history books!


+10 if you decide who you want to fight before you go to sleep
+30 Fight your enemy
+20 if the battle lasts longer than a minute
+20 Use a fighting technique that is impossible in real life
+20 Win the battle
+5 for each additional category of impossible techniques you use (e.g. magic spells, summoning a weapon, supernatural martial arts moves)

Questioned dreaming last night, but that was all.

(Apparently my bedroom being clean is a bit of a dreamsign…)

I like this task though… :ebil: Rhewin, I’m looking at you!

5-10 sec lucid moment. I had a nice normal dream, that ended upon realizing its a dream. I am starting to hate becoming lucid… It destroys my dreamworld.

Today I’ve had a short LD moment. Nothing special

PS: I didn’t fly among the clouds in my previous LD.

Oooh! This looks fun! I do a lot of fighting in my dreams sometimes. Too bad Sunday’s wouldn’t count… ah well. That was an awesome one. XD

Let’s see… since I haven’t been keeping my DJ still… I had an FLD probably… Tuesday night? I randomly remembered some guy sort of taunting me, and I grabbed his arm. He went “What are you gonna do?” and I flipped him over onto his back. I then proceeded to step on his throat… at which point he gave up. It probably only lasted a minute though.

Didn’t know of the task at that point.

Also, I seem to be ahead so far… I need to start paying attention again, now that I’ve calmed down from my bad weekend. This morning’s DR was crap though, I don’t remember anything now, even if I did earlier. :meh:

I could also use this chance to incorporate this task with my personal task as well… Use the power in my battle. :tongue:

Short LD and LONG LD – attempted to get to outerspace but couldn’t but explored a water tank thing in which there were weird robotic fish… was awesome

a short lucid moment. I realized I was dreaming as a DO, then I realized…wait, why am I controlling a random DC… So then from realizing that, the scene switched to me in bed, and I raised out of it and flew off. But can’t remember what I did after that. hah. :razz:

Puts up a “Go Starry! :bounce:”, “Go Vera! :twirl:”, “Go Rhewin! :thumbs:”, and “Go GnarGnar! :clap:” sign before running through a wall, laughing maniacally!! :ebil:

I punched Rhewin in the face in a ND during a nap yesterday evening. Then this morning I had a short LD (about 2 mins), just enough time to jump out the window of class, find him, and punch him in the face (again), before waking up.

Does slowly whittling him down one dream at a time count as “epic battle”? :tongue:

Nah, those are just cheap shots.