LC #34

Today I’ve had a short LD moment. Nothing special

PS: I didn’t fly among the clouds in my previous LD.

Oooh! This looks fun! I do a lot of fighting in my dreams sometimes. Too bad Sunday’s wouldn’t count… ah well. That was an awesome one. XD

Let’s see… since I haven’t been keeping my DJ still… I had an FLD probably… Tuesday night? I randomly remembered some guy sort of taunting me, and I grabbed his arm. He went “What are you gonna do?” and I flipped him over onto his back. I then proceeded to step on his throat… at which point he gave up. It probably only lasted a minute though.

Didn’t know of the task at that point.

Also, I seem to be ahead so far… I need to start paying attention again, now that I’ve calmed down from my bad weekend. This morning’s DR was crap though, I don’t remember anything now, even if I did earlier. :meh:

I could also use this chance to incorporate this task with my personal task as well… Use the power in my battle. :tongue:

Short LD and LONG LD – attempted to get to outerspace but couldn’t but explored a water tank thing in which there were weird robotic fish… was awesome

a short lucid moment. I realized I was dreaming as a DO, then I realized…wait, why am I controlling a random DC… So then from realizing that, the scene switched to me in bed, and I raised out of it and flew off. But can’t remember what I did after that. hah. :razz:

Puts up a “Go Starry! :bounce:”, “Go Vera! :twirl:”, “Go Rhewin! :thumbs:”, and “Go GnarGnar! :clap:” sign before running through a wall, laughing maniacally!! :ebil:

I punched Rhewin in the face in a ND during a nap yesterday evening. Then this morning I had a short LD (about 2 mins), just enough time to jump out the window of class, find him, and punch him in the face (again), before waking up.

Does slowly whittling him down one dream at a time count as “epic battle”? :tongue:

Nah, those are just cheap shots.

Boys, boys, stop taking cheap shots at each other! :meh:

Well, I had an FLD this morning. The battle was 10-15 minutes.

[spoiler]Memory of the dream starts back at home. I’m fighting a witch, and though there’s another witch (a bit older and more experienced) there, I was only fighting the one, but though she was not as strong as the other, she still was pretty powerful. I’m using my light powers, and instead of only using camouflage and invisibility and phasing powers like usual, I finally am using it offensively in this dream.

We fight for at least five minutes. We’re both doing well, and though I think it’s somewhat like a fistfight augmented with powers, I don’t recall exactly what happened. Finally, I’m fed up with getting nowhere and make a slicing motion with my right index and middle fingers towards her. Nothing happens for a few seconds, then her body is sliced into 7-10 thick sections all the way through, but there’s no blood.

The sections all keep moving on their own and start floating and creeping towards each other to try to reform. I grumble about how damn hard it is to kill witches, and complain that the only way to defeat them is for me to absorb them. Since she’ll keep fighting if she gets herself back together, I start turning her molecules into light and start absorbing them.

It looks like a yellow haze at first coming off her, and she tries to resist, but she’s still in pieces even though the pieces are coming back together. Somehow we get find ourselves in a dark space station, with no one there except the witches and I and Ben Tennyson (though the ten-year-old version). He’s doing something with his Omnitrix, and it’s red. He must have run out of power and was trying to get it to work again.

Dr Animo arrives in a spaceship, and the other witch and Doc Animo want to leave. I ask if I can come along, and since Ben was in the dream earlier but was somewhere else now, I say I won’t tell him that Dr Animo is still around and alive. I walk (and so does the witch I’m still battling) toward the corner of the room where the bridge to his ship is waiting for us. We can see the spaceship out in the darkness outside the station glass.

All this time, I’m still slowly turning the witch into light and absorbing her. Her pieces have been all together for a while now, but they’re still pieces. She either can’t or is not able to heal them back together. What I’m doing to her must be taking all her concentration to try to resist, and honestly, it’s taking much, much longer than it should be.

Dr Animo stays at that corner and then walks back to his ship, and the older witch follows him. I follow them as well, with the struggling witch following behind me. I think that they won’t be very happy that I’m about to essentially “eat” their comrade, but they let me come along anyway.

The bridge to the ship is at an angle, nearly 45 degrees, and has colorful knobs on the grid. It’s not enclosed, and the witches and Doc Animo don’t have suits but are fine, and I am as well, but I figure I should probably turn into light to be safe. I turn into light and fly up to the platform in front of the ship at high speed to get there ahead of the witches. I’m sick of how long it’s taking to turn the struggling witch into light, so I suddenly turn her completely into light and absorb her, all in a quick action. Her consciousness does not come with her once I absorb her, so she’s essentially dead and is now helping to fuel my powers.

Now the others are rather pissed off at me, but still let me on board. We end up stopping at a planet and staying at some place there, and it’s daytime. For some reason my parents are there at the planet too, and I’m supposed to share a room with them. I was going to say something about what just happened, as well as Ben, but realize I should check for mics. We had been talking, and I can hear our voices coming from a speaker in the room. I go over to it and make a slicing motion at it. Nothing happens for a few seconds, then its red and green lights go out and it’s dead. It wasn’t physically sliced this time, but I figure the energy was enough to short it out.

I look around and see some wires on the wall and think they’re not hidden very well. I have boots on and stomp on the first microphone head. I keep looking around for more and jump on a table to stomp on some that I pulled down out of hiding behind the window curtains.

I say, “That should give them something fun to listen to,” referring to the squeals that likely were sent back to whomever was listening when I stomped on them. My parents go looking for more of them, but I find most or all of them, and there were a lot. I get rid of the ones on the walls and wonder if there are some in the ceiling too. I poke around up in the ceiling tiles. I don’t find anything though.

I don’t recall much after this.[/spoiler]

Task 5: Manipulate the Elements!

(The idea for this was shamelessly stolen from the ND challenge.)

A master magician has all four elements - water, air, earth, and fire - at their command. Show that you’re the master of magic in your dreams by manipulating the four elements in ways that the world has never seen!


+25 Manipulate water (e.g. create waves, shoot water out of your hand)
+25 Manipulate air (e.g. create wind, make a vacuum)
+25 Manipulate earth (e.g. make a hill appear, tunnel through dirt)
+25 Manipulate fire (e.g. shoot a fireball, make fire into shapes)
+20 Bring all four elements together and see what results

Ysim: |5 points for questioning dreaming + 20 points for a short LD = 25 LD points|, and |10 points for choosing your enemy beforehand + 30 points for fighting + 30 task while lucid + 20 early points = 90 task points|.

demented: |10 points| for your lucid moment.

Zzz: |10 points| for your lucid moment.

Limitles: |20 points for a short LD + 40 points for a long LD = 60 LD points|. Your task 1 score is |10 points for trying to leave Earth + 30 task while lucid = 40 points|, and your task 3 score is |30 points for going underwater + 20 points for meeting fantastic sea creatures + 30 points for exploring + 30 task while lucid = 110 points|. Nice job attempting two tasks in one dream!

StarryGwee: |10 points| for your lucid moment.

ZRVera: |30 points for fighting + 20 for battle length + 20 for first impossible technique (light powers) + 10 for two more impossible techniques (slicing with fingers, absorbing enemy) + 20 for winning + 20 early points = 120 points|. Let me know if I missed some techniques you used.

Current Standings

StarryGwee: |210 points|
GnarGnar: |190 points|
Rhewin: |200 points|
Limitles: |260 points|
Thorn: |90 points|
Leijona: |10 points|
ZRVera: |555 points|
Siiw: |195 points|
demented: |325 points|
brandon2071: |0 points|
Ysim: |460 points|
EyesWide: |160 points|
skyglide: |215 points|
PrecisionConage: |0 points|
DreamSailor: |315 points|
Zzz: |120 points|

Technically, the slicing and absorbing both were part of the light powers. I was just describing how I used them. I’m not sure I should get additional points for those unless you’re counting different types within a power set, which I sorta doubt.

1 min lucidiness., that terminated yet another nice dream…

Some normal dream with “make music” task, where i performed with DC for an audience in tv studio, as well as the rest of the world(probably) watching. :smile: Actually DC was the performer, I just jumped on the stage and tagged along :razz:. I can’t remember the piece performed, but it was unique, so it should count as “made up my own piece” too.
Oh, and I supposed there were at least 5 pieces performed, but I am not sure if I participated, so I take it as single one.

dunno if all this sums up to more points than my previous attempt for this task.

Dare to tempt nickles abilities of a mage? well see about that tonight -_- (glares at the TM)

Had normal dream, where I did some fighting. I woke up barely remembering anything, and questioned myself whether it should count here… What is considered EPIC battle? I slept more then and forgot everything, except the fact itself.

ok it has been forever since i posted here and haven’t had any luck in completing any of the tasks so far. i really want to but sometimes i get distracted and dont have any LDs for a week or so, or i may have some but forget to post them here.

here is the basics, i had 4 LDs here are the times

4-7-12 short lucid moment, 15-20 seconds
4-11-12 long or medium LD of 3-4 minutes (visited the ocean, didnt go in)
4-13-12 medium LD 1-2 minutes
4-14-12 medium LD 2-3 minutes?

if anyone wants to know what happened you can read my DJ here:

its very long because i haven’t been updating in a while and had 4 LDs to write. also i asked for advice on something and wanted to see if it happens to anyone else. its about hitting a ceiling when flying into the sky, it happens in every LD that i try to fly i wonder what it means or how to get past it?

the current LC task its controlling elements? this couldn’t have come at a better time as i just got through with the first season of Avatar the last Airbender! :razz: and i am addicted to that show now lol. but of course i gotta be lucid first but i will definitely try this one, but i think i should deal with this sky barrier problem first, for some reason i just wont be content until i get past this obstacle, but if i remember maybe i will blast that barrier with some fire or earth bending :razz: or maybe i could use the wind to help me fly through it (that worked once before, maybe i should try it again?)

or i could just imagine its not there at all? idk what i should do about it.

I had two NDs involving the first and the 4th task. In the first one I was on some kind of mission with a few others on a planet with a rainforest and floating rocks (Avatar). I don’t know what exactly was going on, but there was a lot of hectic, rush and panic, so I suppose it was a war. I’ve seen a lot of aliens of human size with big, elongate heads. During the second one I killed four men, I think they were monks, each of them accompanied by two little apes. Two of them were killed by a punch on the head after I jumped up in the air, the two others died after I stabbed them with a knife in the back/stomach. Huh. Sounds more violent than it was.

Had a short lucid last night, nothing accomplished.

I had a LD 4-5 min where I WILD inside a dream into another dream LOOL. WILD-ception. Anyways, me and two other ld4allers IWL, created this checkpoint/meet up area, at the center of a city where a giant mirror/portal with numbers 1-100 will be. The numbers signify our dreamscapes.

Soos, basically I WILDed in the dream and got into the dreamscape by the HI I saw. Once in the dream, I quickly remembered about the mirror and flew out of this building I was in to the city. The mirror wasn’t hard to find, it was really close nearby, I almost passed it. It laid ontop of a hill as I imagined, looking all whimsically awesomes. My goal was to look for demented with the mirror. On the right side of the mirror’s edge I looked for a keypad of some sort, but only found this spinny thing… with numbers 1-100. I spin it to number “87”, and pressed the giant enter button. -here it gets fuzzy- I just remember dragging demented to the mirror through this dark room, and he seemed quite scared of me haha. I believe I woke after this…
Bad recall, since I went back to sleep after that.