LC 63 Winner Cornelia Xaos!

Two NDs this week end.
I taught two colleagues through the website Stackoverflow.
I was at a party.
I saw an exceptional creature (a little blue guy and some monsters (bodies without skin))

Failed tasks:
The creature froze time (which is not time travel…)
I talked in front of an audience (but I think I dreamt this was a task)

Dream Journal

So… my brain seems to try to figure out the closest ways possible for me to get to a task without actually doing them… Being in school, but not a university, messing with a pocket dimension which is kinda like a portal, but not really, having a celebration planned, but not actually getting to the celebration in dream… being from the future, but in the present because you were actually taken from the future, brainwashed, and kept in the present under observation… Yea… thanks, brain. That’s, like, five tasks almost done. :tongue:

But, thankfully, the ever-present “game-dream” of mine pulled through, and I had two of those… so… I’ll claim one here and be done with at least part of Task 2. :razz:

Dream Journal: +1
From the Future ~ Gaming

Claims made so far:

[spoiler]DJ: 6+1
Precog: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:

[list][*]Teleportation or free-flying


Lucid dream (medium length) in which I eat an apple and fly. I claim the points for a dream journal entry, medium length lucid dream, eating something, being able to taste something, and for free flying.

(Flying is a subtask of going on a journey, so maybe I have to be flying on a journey for it to count? I was lucid in the dream, and it was my intention to do the flying journey task, even if the dream ended before I’d flown very far).

Non-lucid dream in which I co-author a conference paper with a French guy. While I was still asleep, I thought it would count for the scientist task. Can I count a French philosopher as a scientist? in any case, it took place at a university.

Does the conversation with my co-author count about the paper (exact details of which I have partially forgottten) count for the teach and learn tasks?

Non-lucid dream in which a woman asks me if she can put up a tent.

(These were all from the same night, so I think I only get one lot of dream journal points).

Only one ND today, but a few things to claim:

Creature - I saw three crocodiles, and while I know some people might be like “well, that’s just an animal”, they seemed pretty exceptional to me!!! (I can’t recall ever dreaming of them before, nor have I seen any IRL for those wondering–there is one at the zoo but he’s always been hard to see the few times I’ve visited).

Portal - I saw portals, because I had the power to create them. :content:

Telepathy - I could tell what the crocodiles (and later a baby) were thinking. At least, I’m very sure this was the case because neither could actually talk.

Love - Got that loving feel for a little babe. He was just the sweetest <3

Time - Saw the time on my phone, it was near 10PM!

Not sure if this one counts, but I feel like I can claim “Teach”, because I was teaching the baby that a song was much longer / different from just the intro he kept playing. Guess I’ll leave that up to the TM.

Here’s my second DJ entry.

Week 2 tasks done:
In Bug Attack, I saw an exceptional creature (the mutant bugs).
In Pivot, I briefly explained something at the board.

In another dream today, I also dreamed of moogle, though I didn’t actually see her. I was replying to her DJ to question some illogical part that I didn’t think was just due to dream logic.

Had 3 NDs here this morning. No tasks done

Another DJ entry and another subtask done. I taught a group of DCs about what being trans is. Was a mildly enjoyable moment.

Dream Journal: +1
Cornelia Plays with Bees ~ Teach, to a group of people

Claims made so far:

[spoiler]DJ: 7+1
Precog: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:

[list][*]Teleportation or free-flying

[list][]To a group of people

Dj entry

The Invited

1 ND
Gaming in the dream.

Dream Journal

Apologies for not posting regularly… I’ve done my back in and having to take lots of painkillers to sleep which is affecting recall.


-In a game
-Learning (Japanese), also attempting to help someone with maths homework.
-Carrying luggage (backpack)
-Tasting (beer)
-Being an idiot on my bike. Wait, that’s not a task… :tongue:

EDIT - wait that was the wrong one… I had another motorcycle related dream where I was doing stunts in the street. People were watching. Would it count as a performance?

Non-lucid dream in which I buy an orange dress. No tasks done, but I’ll claim the points for a dream journal entry.

3rd DJ entry (ND)

Tuesday entry

The Treasure Chest <-- main dream
Broken Glass
Lick of Paint
Hospital Chippy
Tired (fragment)

Creature 10 points
See an exceptional creature - would the tiny people count, they were about the size of a normal finger?

possible late task. The nodding off and waking up in the last dream. I wake up in the dream multiple times but don’t actually ‘take a nap’

Here’s a dream in which I’m at a party.

Dream Journal: +1
Airport Mysteries ~ Party

Claims made so far:

[spoiler]DJ: 8+1
Precog: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:

[list][*]Teleportation or free-flying

[list][]To a group of people

A busy week for me and I had to take my mum to the hospital today, but I’ve nearly caught up on writing the DJ entries, so with luck the Mound of Thistles will come back to life tomorrow!

Still no LD… :sad:
1 ND where I was learning how to pronounce pakistan letters. I guess it was totally wrong.

Dream Journal

Non-lucid dream in which I repack my suitcase and ask my toy animals if they would like to go on holiday with me. I’ve already claimed the luggage task. I’ll claim the love task for feeling love for the toy animals, and claim the points for a dream journal entry.

Does a talking plush wolf count for the creature task?

Lots of exceptional creatures in your dreams :tongue:
They all count!

You got the learning task points for reading the conference paper.
Please clarify if you believe you also deserve teaching task points

Yes you can look on it as teaching (although you did not show him in the end)

Yes doing stunts counts as a performance
Good luck with your back!

SCORES are updated, link

1 ) Cornelia Xaos: 203 points
2 ) Koal44: 196 points
3 ) Eilatan: 164 points
4 ) Susan_Y: 155 points
5 ) Letaali: 150 points
6 ) Obfusc8: 146 points
7 ) Moogle: 126 points
8 ) DeRuyter001: 100 points
9 ) Obliverum: 86 points
10) Hoby: 84 points
11) Oleg: 49 points
12) Alot: 46 points
13) James_UK2008: 20 points

Had 1 ND and 1 Fragment here this morning. No tasks…