LC 63 Winner Cornelia Xaos!

I’ve had this in my calendar since I heard when it’s going to start. I am very excited. It’s going to be helpful in motivating me to keep a dream journal, I think.

[size=200][color=blue]LC63 Dream Conference “Different Worlds”


This is your invitation to our very special “Different Worlds” Dream Conference,
date January 12 to February 9, 2019
about Diversity and Imagination in dreams.

This international event will take place in Holland, where LD4all has its roots.

You as a seasoned dreamer are very welcome to come and share your experience. There will be lectures and workshops and themed discussions. Beyond that, we have an extensive programme of various musical and creative performances, as well as special events to make this an experience you will not forget.

You will meet dreamers of all stripes, and get an insight into all their different worlds

We are looking forward to your presence at the conference, and possibly your very own contribution to our program.


Week 1 Travelling

We are happy you accepted our invitation!
So you will be heading for our Dream Conference. Holland is at a considerable distance so you might consider travelling as comfortable as possible… or as adventurous as you like.
You might have to use different modes of transport. You may even have to spend the night on your journey. While napping or dozing off on a plane, a train or a boat, can be very pleasant, some of you may of course prefer straight forward teleportation
And no stress when packing your bags, no hurry, for departure times can be at your choice.

[size=134]Have a nice trip!

Week 1 Tasks

Travelling 20 points
You are travelling, on the go, on a journey etc.

  • Bonus points for teleportation or free flying: 10 points
  • [b]See any means of transport 10 points

[/b]Luggage 20 points
Pack your luggage, carry a bag, see luggage, lose your luggage :wink: etc.

Ticket 20 points
Get a ticket, have a ticket, see a ticket etc. Of any kind!

Time 20 points
Check the time, look at a clock, look of arrival or departure times etc. Don’t miss your connection!

Nap 10 points
Nap, doze off, sleep, dream etc. Can be done in all kinds of locations :tongue: . Or see someone sleeping.

  • Bonus points for waking up (in the dream): 10 points

    Eat or drink 10 points
    Be sure to bring some food and drink on the way. Carry, see, or consume.
  • Bonus points for [b]tasting or smelling: 10 points

[/b]Goodbye 20 points
Saying goodbye or farewell, or waving . Parting with your loved ones, or your beloved home. Also saying farewell to fellow travellers. Etc.

[spoiler]Precognitive/ coincidence: I started writing for this challenge months ago (when I had accepted to host). Then, some time later I discovered, the annual dream conference of the IASD will his year in fact take place in the Netherlands!!

Alright, took a nap after reading the tasks so here’s the first points.

DJ Link

I took a nap in the dream and woke up. Non-lucid.

Haha I had to laugh as I read Letaali’s post because I also went to bed right for a nap right after I read the tasks.
There was too much noise and couldn’t sleep so after 15 minutes I stood up again.

Well the first 3h nap just made me more tired, so I had to take another 3h nap.
Same DJ post
More tasks done:
-saw luggage
-saw cars, got into a car, crashed into other cars :happy:

My sleep has been so strange lately. I had 10h last night and now 6h of napping? Hypersomnia?

I wrote a Dream Journal Entry: [

I did definitely see a car and was in the car, although I will note it was not moving at the time.

I don’t think anything else counts although we were sort of on a journey to find a suitable present and we walked around while I carried a gift bag.

Had 1 ND here. No tasks

One ND

His Name.

No tasks done but teleport was mentioned and a DC left but I didn’t say goodbye.

DJ entry for first night

I travelled on and saw a bus. There were loads of cars as well, and some army vehicles.

Oh darn… If only I had seen this earlier and decided to join. I did some traveling already. XD

I know the competition has already started… but do you mind a late join? Obviously, the dreams I had before I read the task don’t count, but I would like to participate going forward if possible. :smile:

@ Cornelia Xaos: Of course, you are welcome to join! :welcome:

SCORES are updated, link

Good to see the Challenge inspires to take naps :smile:

yay im excited to get started!

one nd last night, i was on a ship but not going anywhere so i only claim points for seeing a mode of transportation. i noticed it was like a dream, but did not wonder if i was dreaming.

DJ link

Another DJ entry and I ate a cookie. It was a cat shaped chocolate cookie and it was dry. Non-lucid.

I had a small, short moment of lucidity on the 14th, but I didn’t do anything. I was wandering about a farm trying to gauge my state of conscious and my senses, and then I woke up.

Edit: I’ll resume more substantial journal entries eventually, dont worry. I’m a bit lazy right now is all but I had this lucky LD.

Edit: this was actually the 13th, it was late, the date had already rolled over. Not that it matters, I hadn’t had any recall on the actual 14th or up until today.

I drank and tasted water. (It tasted better in my dream?)
I also saw luggage.
I was on a vacation in the dream. Does that count as traveling?

My Dream Journal Entry is here: [

  1. Koal44 - Enter my wife’s belly and meet my baby
  2. Susan_Y - See a Tibetan musical instrument
  3. DeRuyter001 - Restore Respiral to life.
  4. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift myself.
  5. Obliverum - Do healing magic
  6. Eilatan - Summon 妹ã¡ã‚ƒã‚“
  7. Alot - Connect with a deceased loved one
  8. Obfusc8 - Figure out how to use the time pen
  9. moogle - haven’t had an LD for ages so will choose put finger through palm
  10. DTDownUnder - Pull the microchip out of my hand
  11. hoby - summon my dream pet Gloom
  12. Letaali - Explore the Frozen Planet
  13. Oleg - Transform into a bird and fly
  14. Cornelia Xaos - Observe / see my wings

Yay! I’m excited to be back! I shall hopefully have good dreams to post tomorrow. :content:

2 NDs to post.

  1. In one of them I was travelling in a car.
  2. Of course I also saw the car :smile:

Dream Journal

One ND

The Travelers

On the go - making my way around, I have a map.
Saw a vehicle - car and van.
look of arrival or departure times - not sure about this. Because I am aware of the time I have to be at the site.

Here’s my first entry, Jan 14 ND which doesn’t really make any sense.

My previous dream (Jan 9) before the LC started was about Travelling though, but I was going to the wrong place.