LC 63 Winner Cornelia Xaos!

I wrote a Dream Journal Entry: [

I did definitely see a car and was in the car, although I will note it was not moving at the time.

I don’t think anything else counts although we were sort of on a journey to find a suitable present and we walked around while I carried a gift bag.

Had 1 ND here. No tasks

One ND

His Name.

No tasks done but teleport was mentioned and a DC left but I didn’t say goodbye.

DJ entry for first night

I travelled on and saw a bus. There were loads of cars as well, and some army vehicles.

Oh darn… If only I had seen this earlier and decided to join. I did some traveling already. XD

I know the competition has already started… but do you mind a late join? Obviously, the dreams I had before I read the task don’t count, but I would like to participate going forward if possible. :smile:

@ Cornelia Xaos: Of course, you are welcome to join! :welcome:

SCORES are updated, link

Good to see the Challenge inspires to take naps :smile:

yay im excited to get started!

one nd last night, i was on a ship but not going anywhere so i only claim points for seeing a mode of transportation. i noticed it was like a dream, but did not wonder if i was dreaming.

DJ link

Another DJ entry and I ate a cookie. It was a cat shaped chocolate cookie and it was dry. Non-lucid.

I had a small, short moment of lucidity on the 14th, but I didn’t do anything. I was wandering about a farm trying to gauge my state of conscious and my senses, and then I woke up.

Edit: I’ll resume more substantial journal entries eventually, dont worry. I’m a bit lazy right now is all but I had this lucky LD.

Edit: this was actually the 13th, it was late, the date had already rolled over. Not that it matters, I hadn’t had any recall on the actual 14th or up until today.

I drank and tasted water. (It tasted better in my dream?)
I also saw luggage.
I was on a vacation in the dream. Does that count as traveling?

My Dream Journal Entry is here: [

  1. Koal44 - Enter my wife’s belly and meet my baby
  2. Susan_Y - See a Tibetan musical instrument
  3. DeRuyter001 - Restore Respiral to life.
  4. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift myself.
  5. Obliverum - Do healing magic
  6. Eilatan - Summon 妹ã¡ã‚ƒã‚“
  7. Alot - Connect with a deceased loved one
  8. Obfusc8 - Figure out how to use the time pen
  9. moogle - haven’t had an LD for ages so will choose put finger through palm
  10. DTDownUnder - Pull the microchip out of my hand
  11. hoby - summon my dream pet Gloom
  12. Letaali - Explore the Frozen Planet
  13. Oleg - Transform into a bird and fly
  14. Cornelia Xaos - Observe / see my wings

Yay! I’m excited to be back! I shall hopefully have good dreams to post tomorrow. :content:

2 NDs to post.

  1. In one of them I was travelling in a car.
  2. Of course I also saw the car :smile:

Dream Journal

One ND

The Travelers

On the go - making my way around, I have a map.
Saw a vehicle - car and van.
look of arrival or departure times - not sure about this. Because I am aware of the time I have to be at the site.

Here’s my first entry, Jan 14 ND which doesn’t really make any sense.

My previous dream (Jan 9) before the LC started was about Travelling though, but I was going to the wrong place.

It’s good to be back! I’ve got a couple tasks to claim. Nice to see my dreaming muscles still remember how to do this… even if not lucid. :tongue:

Dream Journal: +1 (This will mark nights with dreams recalled.)
PhysGun Shenanigans ~ Travelling, & See Any Means of Transport
Doing My Brother’s Job ~ See Luggage

Claims made so far:

[spoiler]DJ: 0+1
Short LDs: 0
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:

[list][]See means of transport


1 ND last night
Claiming score for seeing someone sleeping and for seeing a ticket. (small piece of paper with smth written on it.
Dream Journal

Non-lucid dream in which I hear Bizet’s Habanera playing.

Non-lucid dream in which I pack a suitcase and travel in a minibus.

I’ll claim the points for two nights of dream journal, luggage, travelling, and seeing a means of transport.

This is a common enough dream for me that I probably didn’t need to control the dream to get the points.

2 NDs

“Writers, Divorce Us!”

Carry, see, or consume food.

I had a bunch of ND’s today, which can be read about here. Anything relative to this LC is in bold.

First dream includes me and my sister being at some hotel on holiday, and we’re heading out to travel somewhere else. Also saw luggage.

I saw cars (mode of transportation) and food in the second dream.

I took a nap in the third dream and woke up in it.

Too bad I had more hellos in the dream from returning from travelling than goodbyes. Whoops. I think my SC was trolling me. :happy: