LC 63 Winner Cornelia Xaos!

DJ post

No tasks done, but I freed Jack Sparrow and lost my both arms in the process, which was fun.

Oh dear, I’m getting so behind on the writeups! Never fear.

As usual I am only claiming for dreams in which I actually get tasks done. So far that’s just one, for last night. I achieved:

-Long lucid (what standard are we using here? I try to keep my challenge about the same length, so I guess everything’s medium in that sense. But dreams of around an hour seem to be long by the general standard, so I don’t know.)
-Travelling, on a flying boat.
-Luggage, lost out of the hold.
-Ticket, was issued a ticket.
-Time, synchronized ship’s chronometer.

DJ link to follow shortly.

I think this challenge is really clear and well designed. I like that it’s now very clear what is a bonus and what is an alternative, while in previous challenges the two weren’t obviously distinguished. Great job!

[i][color=indigo][b]Dream Conference on “Different Worlds” [/b]
[size=134]Diversity and Imagination in dreams


Saturday January 19
Afternoon: Welcome by your hosts Majah and GenghisKhan
Introducing and getting to know participants and speakers

Sunday January 20
Morning: Lecture on “Portals, the fastest way between worlds”
Afternoon: several workshops, discussions, performances

Monday January 21
Morning: Lecture on “Telepathy: inner worlds touching”
Afternoon: several workshops, discussions, performances

Tuesday January 22
Morning: Lecture on “Love: the universal force”
Afternoon: several workshops, discussions, performances

Wednesday January 23
Morning: Lecture on “Time travel: different times, different places”
Afternoon: several workshops, discussions, performances

Thursday January 24
Morning: Lecture on “Gaming: game worlds and lucid dreaming”
Afternoon: several workshops, discussions, performances

Friday January 25
Morning: Lecture on Lecture on “Creatures in dreams: biodiversity and beyond”
Evening: Grand Finale Party

Week 2 Dream Conference
So you all have finally arrived in the Netherlands at the beautiful site where this years Dream Conference is held.
We hope you will really enjoy our elaborate program.
Also we look forward to the contributions our participants will make!

Week 2 Tasks

Teach 20 points
Lecture, teach, explain, someone learns from you. Give a workshop, training, masterclass. Etc.

  • Bonus points: to a group of people (minimum of 3 persons): 10 points
  • Bonus points: about dreaming: 10 points

Learn 20 points
You hear something new, you learn a lesson, someone shares some knowledge. Maybe you meet a wise person who shows you something important. Etc.
No need to have remembered what you’ve learned!

  • Bonus points: about dreaming: 10 points

Science 10 points
No conference without scientists… See a scientist, visit a university, a laboratory or research institute

Portal 10 points
See a portal (a place from which to teleport or warp)

Telepathy 10 points
You know what someone is thinking or somebody knows what you are thinking, without words

Love 10 points
You got that loving feeling

Time travel 10 points
You are in past or future times

Gaming 10 points
Play a computer game or be in a game world

Creature 10 points
See an exceptional creature

Perform 20 points
Performances will be highly appreciated!

Party 10 points
Off course there will be a Grand Finale Party as a festive conclusion of our conference.
Be at a party

Week 1 tasks can be completed throughout the challenge.

Love all the tasks, excited to get these done, hopefully lucid. :content:

1 ND for Saturday

Taken by Force - no tasks

So… I’ve got a lot to claim and a couple potential things that I’ll let Majah decide on. As to the claims: I definitely had a short and a medium LD! And, in the medium one I did the Ticket task as well as the Travelling bonus task of free-flying! And there’s the usual DJ points.

The pending things… well… I had an unusual dream at around 0900 my time. The tasks went up at 0714 my time, and, even though I had awoken, I hadn’t looked at them before now (1100 my time). And I had a dream in which I was a mother! And had kids! And I loved them very, very much! It was very unusual of my dreams… and a bit… precognitive? So… Majah… will you give me Precog points and/or the Love task?

Dream Journal: +1
Precog: +1
Asking Monsters for Help ~ Medium LD, Free-flying bonus, Ticket
Cornelia is a Mommy ~ Short LD, ̶L̶o̶v̶e̶ ̶(̶P̶e̶n̶d̶i̶n̶g̶)̶

Claims made so far:

[spoiler]DJ: 5+1
Precog: 0+1
Short LDs: 0+1
Medium LDs: 0+1
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:

[list][*]Teleportation or free-flying

Had 1 ND here this morning. As per task 1, I notably saw “means of transport” for 10 points. Notably, BMX/Motorbike/Plane.

Just DJ entry

The Drop … :unsure:

DJ link

-DJ post
-Learn (Military officer was teaching me and other soldiers how chicken dance went.)
-Creature (Does a 1km tall Optimus Prime count? It’s an alien lifeform.)
-Perform (Would the chicken dance count?)

Short, medium and long LD as relative to your own average
Lucid dreams of around an hour :eek: I’m impressed!

Love the Mommy dream, but cant give you points for Love task because of the timing. You definitely deserve the Precog points though!
Congrats on finally getting the ticket :happy:

Yes, both count

SCORES are updated, link

I had a medium lucid dream last night. I’d describe it as long, but it was more that there were loads of time skips and vague impressions of stuff happening. No tasks were performed.

Two NDs this week end.
I taught two colleagues through the website Stackoverflow.
I was at a party.
I saw an exceptional creature (a little blue guy and some monsters (bodies without skin))

Failed tasks:
The creature froze time (which is not time travel…)
I talked in front of an audience (but I think I dreamt this was a task)

Dream Journal

So… my brain seems to try to figure out the closest ways possible for me to get to a task without actually doing them… Being in school, but not a university, messing with a pocket dimension which is kinda like a portal, but not really, having a celebration planned, but not actually getting to the celebration in dream… being from the future, but in the present because you were actually taken from the future, brainwashed, and kept in the present under observation… Yea… thanks, brain. That’s, like, five tasks almost done. :tongue:

But, thankfully, the ever-present “game-dream” of mine pulled through, and I had two of those… so… I’ll claim one here and be done with at least part of Task 2. :razz:

Dream Journal: +1
From the Future ~ Gaming

Claims made so far:

[spoiler]DJ: 6+1
Precog: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:

[list][*]Teleportation or free-flying


Lucid dream (medium length) in which I eat an apple and fly. I claim the points for a dream journal entry, medium length lucid dream, eating something, being able to taste something, and for free flying.

(Flying is a subtask of going on a journey, so maybe I have to be flying on a journey for it to count? I was lucid in the dream, and it was my intention to do the flying journey task, even if the dream ended before I’d flown very far).

Non-lucid dream in which I co-author a conference paper with a French guy. While I was still asleep, I thought it would count for the scientist task. Can I count a French philosopher as a scientist? in any case, it took place at a university.

Does the conversation with my co-author count about the paper (exact details of which I have partially forgottten) count for the teach and learn tasks?

Non-lucid dream in which a woman asks me if she can put up a tent.

(These were all from the same night, so I think I only get one lot of dream journal points).

Only one ND today, but a few things to claim:

Creature - I saw three crocodiles, and while I know some people might be like “well, that’s just an animal”, they seemed pretty exceptional to me!!! (I can’t recall ever dreaming of them before, nor have I seen any IRL for those wondering–there is one at the zoo but he’s always been hard to see the few times I’ve visited).

Portal - I saw portals, because I had the power to create them. :content:

Telepathy - I could tell what the crocodiles (and later a baby) were thinking. At least, I’m very sure this was the case because neither could actually talk.

Love - Got that loving feel for a little babe. He was just the sweetest <3

Time - Saw the time on my phone, it was near 10PM!

Not sure if this one counts, but I feel like I can claim “Teach”, because I was teaching the baby that a song was much longer / different from just the intro he kept playing. Guess I’ll leave that up to the TM.

Here’s my second DJ entry.

Week 2 tasks done:
In Bug Attack, I saw an exceptional creature (the mutant bugs).
In Pivot, I briefly explained something at the board.

In another dream today, I also dreamed of moogle, though I didn’t actually see her. I was replying to her DJ to question some illogical part that I didn’t think was just due to dream logic.

Had 3 NDs here this morning. No tasks done

Another DJ entry and another subtask done. I taught a group of DCs about what being trans is. Was a mildly enjoyable moment.

Dream Journal: +1
Cornelia Plays with Bees ~ Teach, to a group of people

Claims made so far:

[spoiler]DJ: 7+1
Precog: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:

[list][*]Teleportation or free-flying

[list][]To a group of people

Dj entry

The Invited