LC 64 - Winner: Obliverum

@Cornelia Xaos = If it’s applicable for points, I’ll gladly take them at this stage :smile:

Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks. The last one was a hair short of being an LD. A shame with how nicely it flowed :wink:

I had a medium-length lucid dream in which I swam in the solid ground and even used it for surfing. Interesting? Yes. Worth points? Not so much.

Hehe that was something similar but I won’t claim points as I cannot remember it properly.
I do it quite often in LDs so I will claim it in my next LD! :smile:


Well… you’ve definitely been incubating your personal goal! And it looks to me as if you’ve kinda done it twice now! I’ll award you points if you believe you’ve done it as it is your personal goal!

Rhewin: Wow… I didn’t even think of having a category for something like that… missed opportunity, sadly. I’ve awarded you LD points, though.

Koal44: I look forward to reading about it! :happy:

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

If it’s eligible for points, I’ll gladly claim them please. The realism/intensity of it definitely met my standards. :smile:

I know I’m really late to the game but :peek: . I had a short LD yesterday, in which I had an old friend wake me, because I couldn’t seem to wake myself.

I won’t be posting the dream though, because there were creepy circumstances around why I needed him to wake me. :woah:

Here’s to some less creepy LDs in the future.

James_UK2008: Then I’ll mark you down for your personal goal. Congratulations!

Eiltan: Better late than never! And I hope you have more pleasant LDs, too! :hugs:

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

Latest DJ entry LINK

Very close to LC completion, I can finally claim some task ! :happy:

  • Wear suit - kinda disappointing in itself, but it worked

  • Use attack module - laser arm

  • Use movement module - hi-speed, fly

  • Short LD (DILD)

I am not claiming the Hover task: when taking off the flight was slow, but I cannot consider it hovering

GenghisKhan: Your suit sounded kinda Black Panther’s, but with flight and such built in! Really cool! I’ve awarded you the points. Also, the Hover task requires you to hover via willpower, not some dream aide like a suit. :tongue:

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

Everyone: The LC is officially over! Everyone has 24 hours to claim any last minute dreams, and I’ve decided to go ahead and announce the winner at that time instead of waiting another 24 hours. :tongue:

If you’re currently dreaming, those dreams do count! Make sure to post them here in the next day!

Sorry, there were things going on in my life, so I did not pay proper attention to my dreams.
Hope you all had a fine LC experience! :happy:

All my dreams from this challenge have been posted.

(I have some dream art, but as we don’t get art points this time, I can post those later).

Thanks to Cornelia for hosting!

By the way: what would the next part of the “castle” subtask have been, if I’d managed to do it? (Possibly there is no answer to this question, if part 2 depends on what the dreamer does in part 1).

Majah: There’s always next LC!

Susan_Y: Part 2 partially depends on Part 1… but Part 2 would have involved a butler telling you I was in another castle and then you having to ride a gokart there. :tongue:

GenghisKhan, your powersuit dreams sounds so cool :happy:

i think i became briefly lucid three times last night, i only really remember a bit of one, and none long enough to count by my reckoning. i had to get up early and do stuff all day and only now have a chance to try to recall so its all pretty fuzzy.

so nothing more to report for points.

but it is still a victory to me, to have all these tiny lucid moments ive been having because of this challenge! and especially to have had my first continued story in a dream :smile: as much as i wish id found more of the story :grin:

thank you cornelia for a fun and inspiring challenge!

NOT claiming points (as I just had the dream :grin: )

But I just:
Had a medium LD
Wore a suit which looked a little bit like a black scale armor.
Used it to fly like by sending fire from the bottom of my foot (feet Jet Pack?)

I tried to do the part 1 by meeting Cornelia in a Castle but I just woke up while trying to get to a castle…

Too Bad I also wanted to know what would have been in Part 2 and Part 3!
I didn t follow on the Tasks that much at the beginning, but I wish I had had more LDs as I really liked the tasks :smile: Good Job Cornelia :smile:

Dream Journal

Guess who overslept and missed the end-of-the-LC announcement? :spinning:

And so, that’s it folks! The LC has come to an end… Nice job right there at the end, Koal… Almost had a good dream worth some points! And the Castle task, you should all know, is based on the Mario franchise. :tongue:

Also congratulations to Obliverum! You had a lot of little lucid moments, and that’s what this challenge is all about… Oh… and did I mention…?

(:> Obliverum is the winner of LC 64! :partying_face:

Congratulations! You now have the opportunity to host the next LC if you would like! If not, then the mantle of host will pass down the chain of participants until someone takes it up! Here’s the final score report (though the scores are still available here):

LC 64 - Scoresheet

  1. Obliverum ( 29 )
  2. Koal44 ( 18 )
  3. GenghisKhan ( 14 )
  4. James_UK2008 ( 12 )
  5. Rhewin ( 10 )
  6. Susan_Y ( 9 )
  7. Eilatan ( 2 )
  8. Mew151 & Majah ( 0 )

Thank-you all for participating! I greatly enjoyed reading your dreams about…

[center]… when the dog bites …
… when the bee stings …
… when I’m feeling sad …
I simply remember my favorite things
and then I don’t feel …
[b]SO BAD![/b][/center]

Double post followup… Koal… you actually got stung by bees in that last one… just in line with the song. :tongue:

ooh, i might just try my hand at this! ive participated in a few lcs and ndcs now so i think ive got the idea, but i havent hosted before. are there any rule books or is it up to my discretion?

The kart gives away the inspration for this subtask :smile:. (And you explicitly reveal it later in the thread).

Now i’m wondering how many of the others would have become easier to identify by the second task…

I really wish more of the extended tasks were claimed, because I wanted to find out all the references. These are the ones I figured out: :woah:

^ The original Mario

^ Possible a Lady in the Lake / King Arthur reference

^ Obvious Harry Potter reference was obvious

^ Narnia, or more accurately Book 1: The Magician’s Nephew

^ The Legend of Zelda

There seems to be a few references to zombie-esque games, maybe a couple of action movies. I wonder if Cornelia would tell us what they all are, so we can groan at how obvious it should have been :peek: