LC 65 - The Great Library! Books found: 38

I have sent Le Bateleur a PM. If we don’t hear anything in a week, then we will consider it as a decision not to host.

Hello everyone! Thanks for doing all the calculations, and thanks Obfusc8 for your message. I wonder where the librarian went? Probably having too much fun with those books in the private section!!! I haven’t vanished yet, just phasing between my intense dream life and my busy waking one… Little time to follow the forum ATM!

But I’d love to join the next challenge, though definitely haven’t got the time to host one… So the honour is yours Obfusc8 if you wish!

Beautiful dreams to y’all.

Obfusc8, are you OK with hosting the next challenge? (Otherwise we have to keep searching down the list …)

Sadly, things are a bit too hectic right now for me to host. (Guess that’s true of everyone though, this close to the holidays.)

Might I suggest that, seeing as things are a bit hectic for every one at this time of year, we come back to the question of host next year? Otherwise I think you might search through the whole list only to find that no one is free to host until next year.

If it happens that one of the first three people still does not want to take up hosting and we’ve come to the end of Jan, then perhaps seeking through the rest of the list is the best course then.


Well, it’s now 2020. How do the previous winners feel about hosting the next challenge?

you reach the door of the great library once again, to ask the librarian for your score and just rewards for your contribution to the library. unfortunately she has locked everyone out and has closed the library to visitors while she enjoys alone time with her precious beautiful books

to my everlasting shame, i mentally checked off this challenge as completed and moved on to dealing with some things exploding in my personal life… thank you obfusc8 for covering for me!

i hope to be around again, and figure out how to pay penance for dropping the ball :shy:

I’d prefer not to host the next one since I hosted the one prior to this one. :razz:

I’m not in a position to host or take part for the foreseeable future.

I’m ‘bout to go back to school, so I can’t really host either

Do we even have participants for the next one? I could host, but we’d also need participants…

I can participate; just don’t have the bandwidth to host right now.

Hi! I would like to participate :happy:

I’m down ill with a cold at the moment, but I’m still willing to host the next LC, if we have enough nterest to run it.

hope you feel better!

While you are all waiting, there is always the current ld4all wings quest 132

2020 Vision

this seems fun! is it going to restart anytime soon? I think it would motivate me :smiley:

Hi everyone! I am ok, but I do not currently have much internet access, so I’m not in a position to host anything.

  1. rebeccaelizabeth89 goal - have a dream character say something wise to me and then get lucid

I would love a new LC, in the past they have helped motivate me on keeping my DJ up to date. Something I have been lacking in for the past year. Hence my silence on this forum… :sweat: