LD computer game

I just had an idea of a computer game to induce lucid dreams. The game would be like 1. person and the character you are playing is given a stoy and a quick description of his life and i had in mind that it would help people induce lucidity if you were walking around in a city, in a house, anywhere and there would pe hidden dreamsigns in the game, just something out of the ordenary or something that could’nt happen according to the characters story and when you notice a dreamsign you make the character do a RC.

I’m not shure if I posted this at the right place but i’d be happy to see responses to this idea, it’s just a thought but it really grabbed me

Thats actually not a bad idea. The thing is actually making it…

Its a very cool idea. I have also spent time thinking about designing such a computer game. The idea of being presented a dream scenario in which you must find obscure dream signs can be done easily in Flash. A real challenging, but awesome idea would be actually making a full fledged adventure game with a story line and stuff. Ahhh, it would be so cool. But the truth is no computer game [of our day and age] could ever emmulate a lucid dream. Never. But a computer game that trains you to lucid dream such as your idea would be very useful.

I suppose this thread would be better located in the “Fruits of Lucidity” or perhaps in the “Lucidity Centerstage”…
It’s a good idea though!