LD in a ND

This was kind of odd, though not entirely unpleasant. I had a normal dream last night where I was at the library, doing library-ish things (falling asleep on the couches), but somehow I WILD’d my dream couch nap and had a perfectly clear and vivid LD (my most vivid so far, actually).

Any thoughts on this? The kinda cool bit, I thought, was that if I got excited or something and lost the LD and woke up, I wake into the ND and could easily chain on a second WILD. This might not be a bad way to prolong LD’s or to safeguard against waking up when something goes wrong.

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I’ve had similar experiences. Meta-dreams, MD, for me are usually lucid. Or at least mostly lucid. I don’t always realize I had come out of a ND :tongue:
I’ve never tried to induce one, though. I’ll have to try it next time I’m in an LD

I had the same once. I tried WILD in a ND and had a LD :smile: I didn’t realize that it was a dream in a dream, though. Funny experience :smile:

Yes indeed, having a successful WILD in a ND happened to me sometimes. As Ysim and Fyzik say, I don’t necessarily realize that the previous dream situation was a dream, I often believe it was reality.

most of such dreams were FLD 's…
in other I had no success falling asleep in ND
Did you notice something unusual in these LD’s… something that you wouldn’t do if your are lucid?
Like trying to tell someone that you are dreaming?
If so it’s eather totaly FLD or low level lucidity…

yea i think that this happened to me once its kinda weird :eh: !! lol :grin:

This has happened to me twice, it basically gave me the two lucid dreams I’ve had in my life!

The first time was kinda weird. I “fell asleep” in my dream and ended up having a normal MD that was really interesting. I then had a FA in which I reached for my lightswitch so I could write it down, but then I “fell asleep” again and entered another MD. In this second MD I was talking to Shigeru Miyamoto (basically my idol, he created the Mario games :content: ) when I realized that I hadn’t gotten to write down that earlier MD! I said goodbye to Shigeru and woke up, and then I didn’t even remember the original MD that I’d awakened myself for! It was really frustrating, but at least I was lucid!