LD-ing heridiraty?

my mom has OBEs and LDs naturally but she doesn’t try to control anything, although i told her she can control the dream. She’s just not interested. But she’s ok with me and my brother having LDs. I LDed naturally at least once when I was a child. My brother never LDed before I told him about it, but he’s good at it.

My best friend is a natural LD’er and his father was too.

My mother is a lucid dreamer, and so are two of my brothers. I recently found out my sister had one lucid dream too. She realized it was a dream, and thought “How on earth do I wake up now??” My other sister have never had a LD even if I have been trying to teach her lately :cool:, and my father rarely remember his dreams.

It could be genetic…or it could just be the fact that we actually have been talking about it!

to my knowledge no one in my family is a natural at LD’s. myself included. :tongue:

In case you’re doing research, me, my mother, my uncle, and my cousin all had, at some point in our lives natural LD’s.
my cousin claims to have them each time he remembers a dream.
i just remember having had them once when I was a child, as my mother. and my uncle says it sometimes happens to him! :content:

I’m a mom that LD’s and my children have yet to have one. I want them too.

hmm… iluminda, have you talked to them about ld’s before?
i think you shouldn’t! - attention i’m not judging here!
a lot of times parents through they’re frustrations into theire children.
I do that with my brother. I tell him to study music and that his tallented and all that, and that only works the other way arround. He becomes insecure everytime I tell him that. Luckily I don’t tell him that often so he still plays.
So talking to your kids about LD’s and inviting them to try and all that may probably decrease theire amount of LD’s.
Sorry for intruding!
:content: peace@us.all

No intrusions taken :content:

My daughter looks at me as if I’m on drugs when I mention it. But she never says anything negative about it. I know she hasn’t tried to though.

My son, well mostly b/c I want to help him with his nightmares. I feel bad for him.

But their bedtime reading stories are definitely NOT about lucid dreaming. I’m not that bad. The topic only comes up when I pretty much think they can handle. Which is almost never.

My mother claims that she has experienced many LDs in her lifetime but does not try to control things that happen to her. She is quite interested in this topic and wears magnetic rings to sleep etc. No she isn’t crazy, but she would like to live a long life.

I have a very small family, so it’s hard to tell with me. Neither of my parents remember their dreams or even give an effort to, so I have no clue about either of them. My aunt, who I get my humor and good nature from, has slightly better recall and has had a few LDs before. (without trying any techs)

That doesn’t give much of an explaination, so I guess it’s not too much help. Ahh well…

Basilus West, by natural LDers, what do you mean? Does the fact that I used to LD when I was younger, having around 4-5 in total (hope I remember correctly), make me a natural? Right now, I’m using techs to induce LDs, as I haven’t been experiencing them for a while.

I think so. But some people use to have much more LD’s naturally.

Me and my father and his father. So yea.

My father doesn’t give a damn to dreams, mom says she used to have LOTS of LDs at my age.

My grandpa was the one who got me into it. He told me some of the ancient tech’s and beliefs of natives and aboriginals. He said he learned about it in australia… about looking at the moon and convincing himself he was dreaming. thats what i did for my first ld :happy:
but yeah i guess since alot of our preferences and interests come from our elders, theres probably something linked to lucid dreaming.

I don’t know if its heridiraty or not. My mom can remember her normal dream vividly, but she never had LD. My dad don’t know what’s he’s dreaming about and didn’t have any LD before. I try to tell them about LD, and they say its impossible.

It’s so nice that some people are learning about lucid dreams from family members! :yes: I don’t really talk about dreams as much with my parents, so I don’t know for sure what their take on dreams is. Every once in a while I talk about them with my father, and I remember one occasion when he told me about a dream he had and what it symbolized to him. As for LDs, I only learned about them from a Reader’s Digest article…I’d have to ask my parents if they have “ever known they were dreaming.”

my dad thinks its cool but my mom thinks im a sketch lol

Well, my mom said she LDed once just to get back into a dream she really wanted to finish. But I haven’t been able to LD, so no I don’t think it’s hereditary for me.

My family all doesnt give a damn usually about dream , or they don’t talk about it. There just one cousin of mine that a little interesting in them.

I never talk abour lucid dream or astral projection with my family but I think my mom know them because she have read many psychological and dream books and I think she hide some knowledge…