LD spontaneity

I have been a fairly succesful LD’er for about three months now. In July and August, I succeeded in inducing LD’s with WBTB + MILD almost every time I attempted. However, recently as I have lost some of my earlier motivation (and dream recall), the effectiveness of MILD has also lessened. The good thing is that at the same time I have begun to spontaneously have LD’s about once a week (I hadn’t had spontaneous LD’s since I was a child)!

However, I would like to have more LD’s and to control when I have them. I wonder if I should invest my efforts in trying to enforce my MILD induction or switch to say WILD. I haven’t tried WILD very much before because I have concentrated my efforts on the tried and tested MILD.

Has anyone else had a similar situation?

I think you could try WILD for say a month. It’s always an interesting experience. If you see you have no good results with it, return to DILD’s.

I think that would be a good option. I’m a bit afraid of WILD because it’s supposed to be hard, and the results have been weak when I’ve experimented it a few times. But I guess I have to move slowly to build up confidence as was the case with MILD. The most important thing to me right now, however, is to improve my DR, which has been minimal recently.

What I’m very glad for is that I’ve had those spontaneous LD’s even when my motivation and dedication have been low.