LD within normal dream - irritating

I had an LD last night, but it occurred during a normal dream - I went to sleep in-dream and had an LD. The “dream me” was entirely aware of being in a dream - but I wasn’t. I didn’t have any control over what I did, but flying short distances was cool :smile:

Has anyone else done this?

You already made a topic about that man…

I don’t see it. You probably confuse with somebody else. Perhaps this post?
[url]Dreaming About Lucid Dreams]
It looks very like but it’s another person. :tongue:

Rather curious. :eh: Could you explain this better? How can you be aware and not aware in the same time?

The way you describe the experience it sounds like you were dreaming that you were having a lucid dream. While that may be irritating, it is actually a good sign because the concept of lucid dreaming is filtering through to your dreams.

I know exactly how you feel! I’ve had this experience on two occasions, or maybe more. Both dreams involved “false WILD.” While I had never succeeded with it in real life, I’ve had dreams in which I have succeeded. :content:

This has happened to me, too. Actually, I liked it a lot. Maybe, if you go to sleep and dream within a dream, it will always been lucid. Has anyone ever had a ND inside a ND?

Nah, that would just be stupid.

Hey, wait a minute…

Basilus, I meant that, yeah. Sorry ben. :razz:

But err bengoodger, you know… I had that a lot. And while I thought I was dreaming about an LD, I actually was having an LD. I’m a very deep sleeper and that is what kept me from gaining a high amount of lucidity. You are lucid, except the level of lucidity is really low.

…Either that, or youre having a FLD (False Lucid Dream).

hmm so is dreaming about being lucid and FLD not the same? i thought it was? :confused:

i’ve had a few FLD’s, they are so fustrating when you wake up and realise how close you got :grrr:

I had a LD within a ND too, and at another time I had a successfull WILD in a ND… and right after the WILD I had a FA lol. I don’t really think it’s irritating, I think it’s rather amusing.

I think it’s irritating. I’ve had 8 FLD’s last month!
I kept thinking, how am I supposed to convince my self that I really am dreaming if the dream me already thinks I am? Then it came to me.
I don’t use RC’s in my LD’s because I’m already aware I’m dreaming. Well, if I train myself to use them in LD’s, I’ll start using them in FLD’s too. Sort of how we use RC’s in RL to get in the habit of doing them in ND’s. :wink:

The same thing happned to me. It’s especially bad if then you have an FA in the ND, thus ruining your FLD. Those dreams are just confusing.

uh, then could you go to bed in your FLD in your ND and have another ND? :grin: How many times do you have to wake up when you are doing this??? :shrug: I think this is getting a bit deep for me. I have just had .5 LD’s (full LD for about 5 secs.) Could you get so deep in this dream in a dream in a dream that you don’t know how to get back to wake up for real? :bambi:
Na, that could never happen, but it would be very funny while it lasted.
This would probly make a good book. :rofl:

The experiences that you have described, bengoodger, remind me of a dream of mine. I acted like I was lucid (flying :grin:, but I didn’t have great control over my surroundings and the dream didn’t seem too convincing either. I remember saying to myself during the dream: “this doesn’t look very real for a lucid dream”.

I haven’t gotten into induction techniques yet, so it must have been an FLD or low lucidity as a result of my mind’s preoccupation with LD’s lately. I do hope to attain a level of lucidity someday in which the dream seems as real as waking life. Now, that would indeed give an enormous kick as described by so many LDers.

Yes I have and if you do that means it’s pretty impossible to become lucid, it’s like the icing on the cake that convinces you there is no possible you’re dreaming. Also the dreams inside of dreams are very very simplist. with me it was an orangatang swinging on a vine (there was no background and only him going back and forth on the same vine).

EEk! That’s for that dream, I presume? Not “I am totally unable to become lucid”?

I have simillar experiences that really piss me off :grrr:
In a ND I think about LD and think about what I’m going to in them and sometimes dream that I had one without realizing until I wake up that I had been dreaming the whole time!