Ld4all: 15 years of spreading LD online :)

Horray! :grin:
Three cheers for ld4all! :woo:

hip hip hooray :cheer:
hip hip hooray :boogie:
hip hip hooray :cheer:

congrats LD4all and Q :happy:

Nice! Happy Birthday ld4all…

:eek: I just noticed I dreamed I sang happy birthday but I had no idea who the person was! Maybe that is because it was Ld4all’s birthday! :grin:

One of these days, this forum will be older than me! :yay:

No, wait a moment…

Yay for us! And thank you Q for the gift of LD4all :content:

UÆÆÆÆÆÆ! I almost missed the birthday of ld4all :nuu:

In my country we always cheer 4 times :razz:

:hurray: Well hurray with big brass bells on it! :partying_face:

:mrgreen_hat: Congrats LD4all! :beer:[/center]



Happy Birthday LD4ALL! I love you!! :boogie:

/me passes around the plate of random cookies and cheers more


Brilliant! :biggrin: There’s no telling how far this site will go! :universe:

Happy Birthday LD4all!!! :partying_face: :beer: :hurray: :yay: :woot: :thumbs: :ok: :clap:

A little bit late from my side… :sigh: but I believe it will never be too late for me to show my gratitude towards the founder (Q) and the Ld4all community. :smile:

Ok, so it’s already May 26…

After the birthday party our mission is to keep this steady for more years to come. :happy:

Woohoo! Celebration!

I’ve been wondering, if this site is now 15, doesn’t that mean it will start dating?

As long as it doesn’t turn into a dating site… :wink:
Happy 15th anniversary!

No, I cant imagine ld4all as a dating site :no:

You don’t remember april 1st Ghostie? That was some good fun :content:

Yes I remember it, but the joke was still about making a subforum in controlled forms, not making entire site to a dating site, that was what I meant :ack:

Happy anniversary, ld4all and all dreamers! :smile:

15 years already? Nice. Happy Birthday to LD4all and many thanks to Q for setting up such a wonderful website.

Congratulation ! And thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge !