Ld4all: 15 years of spreading LD online :)

A little bit late from my side… :sigh: but I believe it will never be too late for me to show my gratitude towards the founder (Q) and the Ld4all community. :smile:

Ok, so it’s already May 26…

After the birthday party our mission is to keep this steady for more years to come. :happy:

Woohoo! Celebration!

I’ve been wondering, if this site is now 15, doesn’t that mean it will start dating?

As long as it doesn’t turn into a dating site… :wink:
Happy 15th anniversary!

No, I cant imagine ld4all as a dating site :no:

You don’t remember april 1st Ghostie? That was some good fun :content:

Yes I remember it, but the joke was still about making a subforum in controlled forms, not making entire site to a dating site, that was what I meant :ack:

Happy anniversary, ld4all and all dreamers! :smile:

15 years already? Nice. Happy Birthday to LD4all and many thanks to Q for setting up such a wonderful website.

Congratulation ! And thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge !

I gotta give props to any website that started before 2000.

So… props, LD4all.

I’m a bit L8 but cheers LD4ALL

me too but congratulation!! ^^

well im a little late but happy birthday!!
LD 4 LIFE!!!

holy snap 10k posts. happy b day

This I wrote during Psiberdreaming Conference 2011, in the thread “LD4all portal”, commentingh on Q’s paper on the history of LD4all:

Hi, PasQuale and all!

I’ve been impressed with LD4all forum over the years, and though I had an account early on in 2000 (as far as I recall), I never quite managed to actually connect to LD4all forum. I have been very active in Stephen LaBerge’s Lucidity Forum 1999 - 2003. So as I came back to visit LD4all many years later (I guess 2009) I had to register again, and I was so surprised with how your forum has grown, I mean astronomical, in a way. I felt a bit lost among 25.000 dreamers…
Nonetheless: “WOW” for what has grown from your dreams and visions, the high level of expertise, the abundance of experience collected over the years.

And this year I’m especially happy to meet and get to know some of your moderators and experts. You are really so funny, entertaining, but also deep thinkers to me. I love you all!!! I feel the very special and close atmosphere in your group through what LD4all members are sharing here. From my experience in Lucidity Forum, and the World Dreams Peace Bridge I know for me motivation for and incubation of dreams is very much amplified by supportive group members and all the communication going on. So, a forum with 25.000 members, that is more than “just a group”, or a tribe, it is a dreaming people, a culture of lucid dreamers!

From my experience in group dreaming it appears there are different dimensions to the work, in waking physical reality, in virtual reality, and in dream reality. I sometimes tried to visit and connect directly to the World Dreams Peace Bridge group soul in dreamstate. Have some of you folks from LD4all ever tried this for your group?

What I want to say by this is I’m sure we are creating reality, even if most our communications happen in the so called “virtual” reality. This reality resides in our hearts and minds, to say the least, but also in what we do, and what we create according to our dreams.

I hope some time soon to show up in LD4all, you are very inspiring, my dreaming friends!
Keep up good work and cookies for everydreambody


RALFFFF! /me hugs and gives nutella cookies

Told you they’d be waiting for you. Does this mean you’re going to stalk around here? :happy:

Welcome back ralucid! It is good to see you again! :cool_laugh:

Happy Birthday LD4all! Ive been browsing these forums for some time now, and as a new member I look forward to the future years of this forum!

Hmmm, Nutella cookies! munches :cookiemon:
Hopefully “stalking” you in your dreams :smile:
You’re also a member of the “Chroniclers” I saw…

Awakening hugs :astral:

Thanks for the warm welcome, Siiw. First mission is to get familiar with 25.000 lucid dreamers :grouphug: