LD4all banners to put on your site

Feel free to put those on your blog, site, myspace, facebook wherever :content:

Here are some banners:

note: download to your own webspace, if you link directly to LD4all they won’t show up.

if you want another size or language please request and I’ll see what I can do :grin:

Finally indeed :cool_raz: … thanks i think i have much use for this …

Thanks, I’m glad I can support this sight in at least one way.

Good idea :grin:
It shows that there is an LD-forum :cool_raz:

for the minimalist among us, there’s always the good old :ld4all:.

If only I had a website to put it on…
/me sighs

If only I had an audience that cares…
/me sighs

I liked the idea! I can say that I can support it in one way!

I can’t see anything . Is that normal?

Do you use adblock Yanshuf? Adblock hides them. :spinning: