LD4all Island??

i dont get it though… its still all in our own heads, so what would it do exactly?

It may, or may not solely exist in our minds. However if we thought of all the essential things to have fun in an LD at the island, maybe it could help people get better at LDing. It’ll give people an image to work with.

Whatever we wanted to do.
We would be dreaming! It would be great fun!

I believe that one of the most exciting things is LOOKING for the place…not actually being there…

Why don’t we just build one in some editor? for example… uhm, Neverwinter Nights 2?
It has nice graphics and it’s a lot easier to build an island there as to draw/construct it in 3d.

If you want, i can give it a try. Just tell me which style the island should follow :smile:

Edit: Of course, i wouldn’t give you the actual map then but screenshots :razz:

The thought is to “syncronise” the minds so the forming of shared dreams is made more easy since the participantants dream the same which is supposed to lead to an merging of the individual dreams into one common dreamscape …

Well as moogle said, the chroniclers and the Dark SiDers have an island… But i don’t see how that stops the LD4all island from existing. Three islands, why not? Maybe we can visit each other’s island in our dreams, that should be interesting!
I promis we wouldn’t try to conquer you… :whistle:

Forget the dark siders and chroniclers and all that. I hereby claim…LIZARD KING’S ISLAND! None shall get close. Beware, dark siders and chroniclers, my Anti-LDer cannons which surround the island:


Send me a postcard why don’t you!?

Dear Tundra:

Don’t you wish you were here?


Cool idea. The island would need singing crabs to greet people when they arrive though. :tongue:

But I don’t know what they’d sing…

“Turn back now, or perish”. I’m thinking A minor.

[i]Dear Lizard King.

clears throat

It has come to my attention, that you haven’t been paying your installments for that rather large gun of yours…

The repo man is on his way…

Lots of hugs.


Aaand, just so this isn’t just pointless (though in my eyes…I…oh, never mind…I’m too tired to talk…)

LD4all Island…good idea in some respects. But I’d rather have my own image of the ld4all community in my head…that’s half the fun

Ld4all is huge so there can be many islands , many lands , amyny cities all reperesetning LD4all :happy:

True. I think a small town on a plateau, somewhere on a snowy mountain, would be cool.

interesting thread.

i really like this idea.we could form a network of dreamworlds

but we would all be DC then?is it possible to exist in a similar dimension using only our minds?

could we do that long long long long ago?

Lizard King this is nothing short of genius

You know what would be cool? All the LD4all members are DCs on the island

This is a bit like what the Chroniclers are attempting to do.
I think this LD4ALL island should be very basic, simple; so that everyone can visualize it easily.

IF shared dreaming is possible. I’m not sure of it but I’m open minded and want to believe it is true. Is it also possible to “call” people out of their ND-s and into lucidity and on to the island? If everyone that went Lucid one night contacted 2 people & had a huge chain, couldn’t you get everyone lucid?

I don’t know, in fact noone knows; there are only a few accounts of success, most of which are unreliable. I hope it is possible, though. The Chroniclers are attempting to do this.