LD4all Quest 27 - Resonant moon (7) - Re-enter a dream

Hmm, I will have to think of a dream first… But I will try ^^

this is what inspired me 2 LD in the first place, cos I once when I was young (9 or 10) woke from a non-lucid dream and then managed to re-enter it while I was still in that dozy state… only it was lucid when I went back :smile:

I might try re-entering that one again… if I can remember it! :content:

If I would manage to have a Lucid Dream, I think I’ll enter the dream where I had a nice gun. (The first entry in my DJ)

How ironic, I did this for the first (and only) time just a few days ago.

Well-well, I’ll try again then. :content:

To me this sounds like MILD. I’ll try and do this the next time I get lucid.

I think i did it, last night i got Lucid and re-entered a previous ND i had.

Its in my DJ (Link in my sig.)

or click here if you’re too lazy to look for it in his DJ :content:

this sounds quite interesting , a question , has it to be the dream from which i just woke up ? or can it for example also be a dream I had as a child ?

Also , is it because of the wings you take now no suggestions of the quest suggestion topic anymore ?

It doesn’t matter which dream it is. It can be from the past, present, a ND or a LD. If I read it correctly.

ah , ok :whew: , than it is a lot easyer i think … i hope this is true :yes:

Sometimes I have something in my mind already, so I don’t need to go for the Quest suggestion topic for inspiration :wink:

I don’t suppose I can count the time I re-entered a dream lucidly two nights in a row about ten years ago?

Bah, I’ll get my wings for this anyway. I can feel it!

I’d like to re-enter a dream I had roughly 3 years ago, shortly before I moved from my old house. In it I stepped off the ferry and was greeted by a DC who I walked and talked with down by the waterfront, eventually coming upon her home where I briefly met her family.

It was a bizarre dream because it was so highly detailed and felt totally real. I also thought it odd that the DC had a home and family (and a believable one at that). Because I remember so much of how it looked, I should be able to re-enter it easier than some of my other dreams. I want to walk to the DC’s home and ask her who she is (I don’t remember ever getting a name), and ask her why she had come to meet me at the ferry.

Going to be tough - I’ve tried for nearly 3 years to re-enter this one!

I know exactly what dream to try to go back to! Way back when I was somewhere around 3 - 4 years old, I had a recurring dream all the time… It was one of the first dreams I can remember having, as well.

(Put in spoiler-tags because it’s long-ish.)

SPOILER - Click to view

There was this “monster” with like, a generic green “monster”-ish face, fangs, etc, but a human body with clothes and everything. However, for some reason, he was my friend. He never said anything, ever. I just… Knew he was my friend? Anyways, he and I were in a dark-ish, empty, completely grey room with a door in the corner and light coming in from a window by the door. It was late-twilight outside, and I could only see the sky. This “teenager” (this is the way I remember thinking of him later) came into the room (since I was only 3, he was much bigger than me, and kind of a “symbol” of fear) and started throwing pairs of jeans at me and my “monster friend.” No, I have no clue why he threw jeans at us. But, basically, the jeans sort of “forced” us through the line where the floor/wall meet (like a video game - glitch, kind of) and we were halfway between the room and whatever was below. We tried hanging onto the floor, but the “teenager” stepped on our hands and laughed. We fell through the floor and began falling a good 20 feet into some completely black water. I couldn’t swim (I was 3!) and I remember being very afraid of dying. My “monster friend” pulled me onto his back so he’d hit the water first. I remember going under the water, and being terrified of losing this “monster friend” and also of drowning. The next thing I knew, however, I was back up in the room and some policemen were taking the “teenager” away. The “monster friend” had saved me somehow, and died in the process. When I walked through the entrance in the corner of the room, I was in a police station. I remember someone warning me not to go out the entrance/exit to the building, but I did anyways. When I did, I found that the entire building was in the sky and I was entirely surrounded by the night sky. I don’t remember seeing ground below me. I was standing on an invisible flight of stairs, leading downward. I walked down a few steps, and they suddenly ended and I began falling. I fell for a very long time, terrified once more, and then I woke up.

I’m going to go back and save my “monster friend”!

I know exactly what dream I want to re-enter now.

[spoiler]Night of January 18, 2008

Technique of the Month: FILD

Behind Enemy Lines
It was late in the evening while I was walking toward the command post and was going to inform the higher ranking officers that I was going to resign from the unit (I was thinking the same thing IRL about a COD2 realism unit). I was wearing an American uniform holding an M1 Garand. I got there and just started talking to them, I forgot what the conversation was about. All of the sudden there was day light. I was on a patrol to go behind enemy lines or something. I sprinted out into a field that had short green grass. I slid on a slope into a foxhole that had grass in it (they don’t usually). I poked my head out and saw one German soldier out in the open, I looked to the left and saw two others that were next to some wooden building to the left of them. The soldier that was in front of me had his back to me and I thought that I should shoot him first then the other two next. I stood up without aiming and shot 8 shots at him then I heard a ping indicating that I needed to reload my weapon (the ping of death :ebil: ) . I don’t think I killed him, I heard the other two Germans behind me shouting to each other. I started sprinting like I’ve never done it before back to my company. I could hear gun shots firing at me but I didn’t feel a thing so I thought that they just had horrible aim.

I think I’ll give this a try as well…It was the Dream I had about Queen SD as the Grim Reaper…happened the other night…maybe I can understand what those numbers mean’t she was speaking.

Hey,Ive had dreams that id had before,i just wasnt lucid and they have been before this quest came out.would that count?oh and also i completed that resize yourself quest(from a few months ago)and i dont think i got wings cause when i post i dont see any :confused: :sad: can you tell me why pasQuale?

oh,never mind about that thing i said about the wings,i see them now :shy: :content:

the LD i will try and re-enter is my favourite LD where i entered a game and unified china it will be good fun and earn me my first wings at the same time! :grin: :cool:

congratulations liam for completing this Quest! You are the only one so far. Everyone else, you still have one night (transition night between Quests) to earn your wings for this.

/me gives liam some cookies for completing the Quest (since you already have your wings :content: :cookiemon:

/me remebers he wanted to do this quest
Congratulations Liam … i hope i will succeeded too this night :sigh: