LD4all Quest 47 September: Follow the White Rabbit!

Let’s follow that rabbit!

This is rather unique! :lol:
I wonder what’s inside the treasure…?

I TOLD you it was a good challenge Amaryllis :tongue:

yes you did :content:

Interesting Quest :grin: actually I read how to do this in LC19 and decided to try this myself :tongue:

Its fun to see you Q making this to an opportunity for everyone :gni:

/me wonders what his treasure is :hmmm:

I bet my treasure is the treasure of wasting my time following a white rabbit. :tongue:

Either that or a moral. :cry:

Can I follow a black rabbit instead? Or a purple one? :happy:

I see a fun quest that gets me a nice pair of wings. Hmm… :dingy: !!!
To the bed! This quest shall conquered :ebil:

succes! :hurray: no time to post it now, but I’ll post it probably tonight or tomorrow in my DJ :content:

Not sure if I’m up to this. I just got back into LD’ing this week, so I’m a bit rusty. But this sounds like so much fun! :happy:

That, and I had three LD’s last night and one the night before, so chances are I’m on a roll!

posted in my DJ now, here :content:

i do personal quests, but with alot more complicated problems, and procedures to get the reward, one was extremely hard,and guess what the reward was?

a moral :angry:

i’ll try this one— i hope it works! >.<

…hey am I still allowed to start with the first quest?

first of all, welcome to LD4all!

You are always free to do any Quest you like, however, to earn wings you should be successful in the current Quest :smile:

:content: I surprisingly had a LD today with RC, I remembered the quest but I forgot the treasure part :cry: The code was hard to remember I only remember Se 2 probably because I was studying about periodic table and stuff :grin: I’ll post the LD on my dream journal soon!

Here is my bunny quest part of my LD :content:

SPOILER - Click to view

JUMP- I’m now in a forest and it’s very bright, I was alone.Then all of a sudden I remember the bunny quest. I walked around and called for the bunny I then spot a girl I asked her if she knows where the bunny is, she points down at the grass. I bend down and move aside the grass and find 4 bunnies! They were so cute! There was 2 parents and 2 kids. I took the dad bunny in my hand, it was small almost the size of my hand. I asked the bunny to lead the way, it flashed into a device and back to a bunny really fast :eek: and on the device screen was arrows pointing where to go I was confused they pointed everywhere. I decided to let the bunny down and follow it. I did, it lead me into a old house and into a room. I was wondering where the code was, the bunny hopped side to side happily and on the wall were a bunch of numbers and letters. At first it was blurry but I concentrate hard and zoomed into the code, I see Se2 but the rest was blurry. I thought I completed the quest but I forgot about the treasure part :cry: I woke up happy :content: The dream felt like an hour or 30mins my longest!

Quite odd, I’ve just read the quest and it ties in somewhat with my dream diary :eh: On 23rd, I morphed into a rabbit (not a white one, though). Last night I was dreaming of a (fearsome) hare. I’ll see if I can find the white bunny next time and I hope he’s a good deal friendlier than the hare…

Hmmmm, follow the white rabbit?? Sounds simple enough, I’m ganna have fun with this. :biggrin:

this Quest is now officially over.

Noone actually earned his wings with this one, but there were some good efforts, congrats aznkelly for almost getting it! :happy:

And Quest-addicts like Amaryllis have also completed it (I heard rumours :wink: ) but already have wings. And me too ofcourse :grin:

so, good luck everyone with the next Quest!

will post the dream in my DJ here too tonight :wink: