LD4all Quest 57: August : Inception!

I see the movie tonight. :content:

Yes! A quest that gives wings for trying to share a dream! I’m definitely going to try this!

ok as i haven’t seen Inception ill try to see it in my second, but my first induced LD.Hope that counts :smile: i’ll tell ya when i actually reached the cinema :smile:

sure that counts, binaryb0n3 :smile: I wonder what your dream cinema will show :smile:

I want to see that movie( a bit noise to my parents would help :smile:)!!!
Looks like a nice quest, I’ll try it :happy:

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I tried to find my safe in my LD. But then I lost lucidity and ended up trying to find this other guy’s safe :ack: . I’ll try again. I’ll attempt to do all three of what I wanted to do. :content: This Quest is really fun by the way.

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I almost successfully WILD’ed inside of an LD just the other day, so I think I’ll give those dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream dreams a shot! Here’s hoping I don’t end up in limbo! :eek:

I’ll try the dream totem trick. :aww:

Just saw the movie this week. A really good movie! And two days after seeing the movie I had a LD :content:
I wish I could enter into a dream just like they did in the movie though

So close…

[spoiler]A few months back I found a small figurine of a rabbit buried in a box of tea from a few years ago. Curiously happy to find it, I set it aside, unsure of what it may become to mean to me. After seeing the movie, I looked at it, and thought I could turn it into my Totem.

As an RC, I would find it in one of my pockets, and feel the texture. In the dream, it should become fuzzy and alive. :smile: Alternatively, I could look at it, and see a different shape or color from the WPR (waking physical reality) version.

Also, I intend to be able to ‘set it to task’, such as helping me find something, or guiding the dream somewhere; I can ask it to do something, toss it, and follow.

In my LD last night,
I entered the house, regaining some higher amount of Lucidity, and remember the Quest. I search my back pocket, and manifest some small piece of crumpled paper but no totem. I remember it should be in my front right pocket anyway, and start to wiggle my hand past my cellphone and wallet, but aWake…[/spoiler]

… but still plenty of time to try again :smile:

I am doing the same! I purchased a very small bronze hourglass, and hung it around my neck on a chain. I’m assuming that it will take the sand longer to fall in a dream, so it’s a handy and fast totem. I’ve been doing at least 30 RCs a day, but still no luck on getting lucid again. I’m not sure why the brick wall all of a sudden. :sad:

i havnt seen the movie yet but i think i will try and create a dream totem. i am excited to see what it is :grin:

I’m so going to try this. :grin: The layered dreams sound cool. Just last night I had a FA which I didn’t catch but in the FA I focused on having a lucid dream upon falling asleep again and I did, it was kinda like a WILD to enter. I had a decently long LD for me, only upon really waking up did I realize I had had a false awakening though.

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I also want to try the gravity shift stuff. I expierenced it in a ND before, haha, walking on the side of a moving van. fun :content:

I’m going to try using the totem RC and layering lucid dreams.

My totem is going to be my bracelets on my arm. I always have 1. A bracelet I made 2. Two bracelets I bought and 3. One or more hairties. If one or all of them is missing, then I must be dreaming.

Great idea! I love this movie too, it’s what has inspired me to get back into lucid dreaming after not even thinking about it for years.

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My Inception quest will be simple, since I’m just trying to get back into being able to have lucid dreams at all. I’m going to try to travel to that beautiful room in the Japanese palace with the hanging lamps and long table, and maybe even enjoy a nice meal there or go out into the room where the larger crowd is mingling, and see who I might find!

I’m thinking of using Second Life to help me with visualization and lucid dreaming in general, maybe building something in the game world to help me visualize the details I want to have in my dream.

I saw Inception Sunday evening (from 18.30 to 21.00), really felt like I was in a dream when walking home. I knew I had to check the lucid quest again which I had briefly read the day before. I posted in the Dutch forum about wanting to create infinite stairs as well as some other goals. I went to bed with my thoughts still on inception. I woke up around 2 and fell asleep again thinking about having a lucid dream about inception.

I don’t think there are really any spoilers in my dream, but just in case :wink:

Sunday 8 - Monday 9 August 2010

Lucid Dream

I am not entirely sure, but I think this was before I was thinking this before I was dreaming. There is also a chance I thought t while dreaming already. I am walking rounds on the infinite ‘esher’ stairs. I think this could be a good to use for WILD too; rather than using stairs that go up, I can use infinite stairs. So before falling asleep I keep walking in rounds, which is also where (my memory of) my dream starts.

I am walking on the infinite ‘Escher’ stairs I have created, just like they are in Inception. It’s nice to just walk rounds on them because of the idea that they are infinite while I am only walking upstairs but still in rounds. I get tired of it though and similar to the movie my stairs start to ‘lift’ because I want it. I walk/fly off them onto normal ground again.

I realize I want to try and get into another dream and see how that feels. Particularly how the effect of my body movements in one dream would affect me in the next dream. Rather than using the machine as they do in inception, I am thinking about entering my next dream. While doing so I sink through the ground, literally, and get into a lower level of the building I am in. Every time I do so, I get lower in the building.

[com]I don’t remember much after this. I woke up around 5/6 I think and after this still fell asleep until I had to wake up at 8 again to go to Uni.

I am satisfied that I had a lucid dream again (good feeling!), that my mind created the Escher stairs (but I want to make a more difficult maze in one of my following dreams), and thought it was interesting how I was sinking through the floor. I also thought about the similarity with an elevator and how Cobb is using the elevator to move between different memories. Too bad I don’t remember exactly what I saw.

Definitely have to explore some more of inception![/com] [/spoiler]

I don’t know if this counts seeing as I wasn’t thinking about the quest at the time but here is a summary of my lucid dream from last night. I don’t really think it has any spoilers, but just in case. [spoiler] I am lucid and because of something that happened earlier in this dream I want to try something. Earlier in the dream (which i was semi-lucid throughout) I had an overwhelmingly strong attraction for a DC. My goal is to make a DC fall hopelessly in love with me. After I gain full lucidity I go on a walk looking for a DC to test my new idea on. I find a group of three young girls and I tell them that they should go inside because the bell just rang. (A bell had just sounded signaling that the children should go inside from recess) Two of them walk off but the third stays, this is what i was planning and she is now the chosen one for my test. The thing is she is too young. I ask her to come and she starts to follow me to the street corner, I slow down and she quickly overtakes me, guessing where I was headed. As she leans against the bus stop I begin to focus on aging her and planting a desire in her mind. The two DCs (that had been the main characters earlier in the dream and which I had “absorbed” while becoming lucid), give me advice in my head saying not to force it just gently will her to age and for the thought to be planted. So I do so, slowly waving my outstretched hand in front of me momentarily blocking her from view. It doesn’t work the first time, nor the second, but the third time’s the charm and there she is all grown up and pretty like. I step nearer and it seems like it worked, only she is talking about prom and other stuff, all being very superficial. (no offence to any prom lovers out there that is just how she came across) I am slightly disappointed, but satisfied with the results, the dream ends shortly after that. So what do you think?[/spoiler]

I managed to fall asleep in my LD :happy:


Although it wasnt LD, I had a dream within a dream tonight.
Check my DJ if you want :smile:

I fell asleep in an LD last night :happy:

I’ll edit in a journal entry later, but basically my vision had blacked out so I decided to just go with it and fall asleep. I laid down, closed my eyes and woke up in an FA :sad: . The FA didn’t seem to be any more vivid than most normal dreams and had no real significance.

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