LD4all Quest 59: meet an antropomorphic figure!

Yes! I did it! First it was a ‘normal’ dream, but then I realized that I had to do a RC, and I became lucid!
I met ‘the night’ I didn’t know how he/she looks like, so I wanted to meet her. Yes, it was a ‘her’.
She was very pale and she was wearing a long, stylish black dress. She had long straight black hair with stars in it. She had dark blue lips and she had a serious but friendly face. When she came the sky went dark en it became night.
She was really beautiful. I asked her why she excists and why she comes every night. She answered: ‘That is very easy, in the beginning there was all black. It was always night. But then my sister, ‘Day’ came in. I was so mad at her, why couldn’t it be black all the time? Our mother, mother nature, decided that we had to share our time. Now there is night and day. But she is still there when it’s night, she shines from the moon. And I am always there when it’s day, I am the shadow.’ And then she left and it became day again. It was a very special meeting.

wow, what a great dream, gaia! Almost like a myth or a fairy tale. Beautiful! And congrats on completing the Quest! (I don’t know how artistic you feel, but I would love to see a drawing of “Night” :smile: )

(@pasQuale) I paint a lot, actually ^^ I like to paint, and most of the time I get inspiration from DC’s or beautiful dream sceneries. Thanks for the tip, I’m going to paint a picture of her. But it’s going to be hard, she was so beautiful and I can’t draw that perfectly :smile: but I’m gonna give it a try !

that was awesome gaia! I also would like to see a painting :happy: Don’t worry about how identical it turns out… I’d be ok with a simple sketch :tongue:

Amazing Dream Gaia, I still have Yet to become Lucid, but after my first few lucid dreams, I will try 1 of these Quests. But I have a few things to do first Haha, Look at my Random List of LD Things to Do if you want. It’s in the Link Below ^^

(@ Vokteraven) yeah, you really should try to find your spirit guide :smile: i tried it a lot, but every time i seem to have another guide. Like one time it was an older woman with fire red hair, and another time it was a normal boy who said he was my older brother in my previous life, haha, maybe i have more guides :wink:

Hey everyone! I drew some pictures of “Night”! Here the link to my topic:
My creations
Hope you like it!

Very nice. I wish I could have a dream like that. :smile:

This is my first post.

In early April, I dreamed I was in a beautiful meadow and at the edge of the meadow saw a figure that I recognized as Gaia. She was a giantess, stunningly beautiful, with richly abundantly flowing coal black hair, otherwise her body was translucent blue and entirely liquid.

On seeing her I recognized that I was encountering an anomaly and was in a dream state. But did I go to meet her? No, I stepped into the air and began swim/flying across the meadow. It was lovely but now I believe it was an opportunity wasted.

This dream did leave a lasting impression. Before this dream “Gaia” was an abstraction to me. Now she feels far more real…

But…this dream occurred just a few days before the Deepwater Horizon explosion. I can’t help but feel I should have gone to meet her to find out why she was appearing in my dream.

AS to the quest - I will take this to bed with me - I feel inside me that I know whom I wish to meet probably not Gaia, but I have to leave the computer and go within to find out. I don’t have experience with this type o finduction but I can see the path to bring it about. - Musa

Welcome, musa! Beautiful Gaia dream!
Good luck on completing the Quest!

This should be easy enough since I see Sonic the Hedgehog pretty regularly. Let’s just see if I can pull it off in an LD…

Interesting Quest, I think Ill meet Death :razz:

I had a lucid dream last night.

One important person was a Japanese dream guide. And another was a small jaguar. If I’d remembered to think about the quest I’d have made them do a fusion dance or something lol. Instead I had to ask the dream guide about something else that happened right after I became lucid. Oh well.

Oh, neat, I like this one. :smile: Death is kind of a recurring character in my dreams, so I’ll see if I can hunt him down for another one. Though he doesn’t ever seem too interested in what I have to ask him.

I’m trying and trying and trying… All I’m getting is either a kidnapper or a Perv! I’d much rather see a face in the clouds than that!!!

:woo: this was my verry first lucid dream!!!
Okay so when I realized that I was dreaming I said it out loud . . . and nothing happened, so the i screamed it as loud as i could and then the whole thing had a grid on it and shuffled and then I was standing in some dirt area and there was a turtle in a bowl blocking my way to a tunnel so i said i want to go see sunshine! The turtle said okay and I began to slide down the tunnel, as i slid i heard him yell, but you’re going to need a pass when you get to the bottom. So I said I want a pass then all these animal crossing money bags showed up amnd i started grabbing at them, and then i made them say the amounts so it would be cooler while i grabbed them. When I got to the bottom I handed all of the bags to another turtle who was standing there and then asked a random guy i was walking by if he knew where sunshine was and he said he’s just up there pointing at a playground. When i got up there there was a plastic sunshine right at the top of the playstructure, so i thought obviously he’d be up there. But he wasn’t, on the way up there was this purple level with little shining things on it, but before I had a chance to look at it well enough i saw this little blur in the corner of my eye below the playstructure and i knew it was him trying to get away so i went down the slide and chased him till i caught up with him, when i got there it wasn’t a he it was a she. She was a short middle aged woman with shoulder length brown hair who was a little overweight. She was wearing a nurse’s smock with several clouds, some with rain coming out of them, literally moving on the shirt, two suns, one which was partially cut off the shirt, and one by her shoulder. Both of the suns were shining. Also there was a blue from foster’s home for imaginary friends standing by the upper sunshine gasping at it. When i looked at the sun on her shoulder to investigate it a treasure chest snapped shut over it and blue’s face went back to normal, but if i looked away it would open and blue would gasp again. I asked her where she was going and she said that she was sick of being under appreciated with people complaining of sunburn and the heat and becoming bored of the same old sunshine. She said that we didn’t deserve to have the sun shine any longer so she was leaving. She then led me to a merry go round with fruit on it and i followed and went on it with her trying to convince her to change her mind saying that people do appreciate and will miss it when its gone, but she ignored that and tried to bribe me by saying next time i could ride any fruit i wanted, but i refused and then i woke up.
So i guess the moral of my dream is appreciate the sun cuz winters coming? lol

lol @ winters coming…

Sounds like you were in a Gift Grabber at the beginnning, lol. Lots of fun!!

Congrats too… My first LD was where i was sleeping lol…So good on ya for venturing out. Hope there is more to come for ya hun xx

wow Cheri, congratulations! great dream! And your first lucid too! What a great first lucid dream :smile:
And I’d love to see a drawing of sunshine! :happy:

Such beautiful dreams!
I want to meet The Destiny, who is he/she? I’m very corious…

I like the idea of meeting old man winter. It would be fun to frolic in the snow without getting cold! :pharaoh: