LDs seem to be low

All my LDs were low level lucidity, I knew I was dreaming and controlled everything)almost) but I didn’t saw things clearly, or smell something…
I’m so excited to dream a vivid LD but it’s not seem to work for me… why is that ?

Higher level lucidity should come with practice :smile:

I recommend you try to yell “increase lucidity!” in the LD while trying to pay extra attention to your environment and any sensory input. (if you can’t remember to do this in your LD you can use auto suggestion before bed)

Another thing I recommend is meditation! The other day I meditated a LOT before bed while listening to Theta brainwaves and the next morning I had a WILD with some good lucidity (and it was pretty stable and vivid as well :wink: )

If you need to become more conscious in the dream, check out [Retarded while lucid.)
For more vividness, bananas will help :smile: and as mattias said, training.

Details come with awareness,
In dreams, if you don’t put your focus on it - it doesn’t exist.
Next time you get lucid, just focus on what you want to see vividly!
If you want to see details, just focus on them - they’ll be there,
If you want to smell scent, just stop and focus on smell - it’ll be there.
Etc. :razz: