Learning in Lucid Dreams?

I was told that if I learn to do something in a lucid dream, then that skill will carry over into waking life.

Well I was just wondering, what is the capacity of this phenomenon?

Say, if I wanted to learn to play an instrument I’ve never played before. It doesn’t seem like it would be possible to absorb entirely new information in a dream that as far as we know takes place solely in our own heads.

Playing an instrument just wouldn’t work in a dream.
If you want to play the guitar, it would probably have more(or less) strains, the sound would be much different and all that.

But I don’t know whether we could learn some other stuff or not.

with great effort i can get 20 min of lucid dreaming. how can i waste that for practising daily life things when it can be safely practised for long time in real life itself? just enjoy yourself in LDS by doing things that you cant do in real life like sex, flying

Hmm. Well some people can LD for much longer than 20min a night. I can have around 2 hours worth of lucid dreams if I want.

The mind does not differentiate between real and ‘imaginary’.

If you visualize yourself dancing, your physiology changes as if you’re really dancing.

Maybe you’ve had the experience of thinking back to something you did and not actually knowing whether you did it in waking life or in a dream.

There have been lots of studies of people practicing things mentally instead of physically. Like shooting hoops mentally opposed to physically. In most cases, both practices contribute , generally, the same amount of training. And if you think about the fact that people who practice mentally probably lose concentration and waste a lot of time… Mental exercise is probably a lot more effective than physical exercise because mentally you should perform in the best possible way, which then affects the mind to act this way. The more your mind sees you shooting perfect hoops , the more you will. Seeing it happen physically or mentally is the same thing. The mind controls your body (That’s obvious… )

Learning something new via lucid dreaming is a bit problematic because you don’t have a clear mental image of what it feels like to do it. If you’re trying for exmaple to play the guitar, then you should practice a bit first physically so you understand how it feels like etc… then by practicing in a dream, by playing the guitar in a dream perfectly, or simply mentally while being awake, you will progress.

For example.

If you try to learn acrobatics, like backflips , twists etc…

And you can do some of them but not as beautifully as you wish to do them,

if you would by any chance perform one in a dream, it would be like in real life because that’s how you expect it to be. In a non lucid dream that is.

But if you are lucid dreaming… You hit the jackpot!

You can perform several backflips over and over and have each one better than the last one. And believe me, the next day, you’ll physically do backflips that you never did prior to that. Because you built that experience.

Enjoy :smile:

Playing guitar was actually one of the first things on my to do list in LDs. I never really got around to it until the past two LDs I had, but the result was the same with both: although you are able to move your hands on the dream guitar and play it, no sound comes out from the instrument. If you think of a solo that you know, that solo will automatically sound in your head regardless of what you play on the guitar. In a way this could be used to help with a difficult guitar part by muscle memory, but I’m not sure if it’s the best way of practicing if it doesn’t matter what notes you play.

Also, there were a couple problems with it. My hands are always a bit deformed in LDs, so playing was more difficult than IRL. A second thing is that since dreams are not always completely stable, it was hard coordinating my left and right hand together to play the same string since they were not always in a constant place.

I suppose with some practice it could help, but it’s not quite as fun as playing a real guitar.

Yes. Playing the guitar isn’t the best thing to do … It is very good to do it via visualization.

A dream is more suitable for practicing things such as acrobatics… things which involve whole body movement or thinking processes. Precise physical mechanistic activities are better to practice visualizing.

as relV spoke of imagining,

i was not ever very athletic, but i did learn how to shoot hoops a little bit as a semi-passtime

now one time at this organization i was with someone who was typed as being athletic, who did this sort of thing, and who had the confidence of doing it,
and so we were just doing free throws, and i ahd not done it yet

and he missed his first two or so and i said “here look.”
and what i did was i stopped and i focused in some way ,
and i told him that’s what i was doing
(i was maybe 12 at the time)
then i made the very first one
and he was quite astonished as i was typed more of something that would fit within “nerd” on an athlete/nerd spectrum
and i did it again, and again, thereafter,

however throwing anything in dreams is very hard for me to do.

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Could I actually learn things, that I did not know prior to the dream? Like how a certain math equation works, or why the sky is blue ( as basic examples of course, the things I really want to learn are out there. )

Any past experiences on this kind of thing is appreciated as well!

What do you mean playing an instrument wouldn’t work?

The first think I want to do in my first LD is to play guitar on stage with Dimebag Darrell.

Dimebag?Great, I like Pantera too.

I mean, if you took a guitar and tried to play, it would just sound so different and bad.Every strain would be much different than IRL.It just wouldn’t work.

But if you knew some riff very good IRL, it would just be played no matter which strains you play.