Learning to fly in LD's

i was unaware that people had problems flying.

i would help if i could… but i dont have a method for flying… i just do it. do people also have trouble controling dream objects or creating things?

if you can’t tell i havn’t met any other lucid dreamers so im curious as to what ld’s are like for them.

Hey Rusher, try pretending that you are being pulled up in the air by an invisible chord or somthing, always works for me. It seems like you just hafto find a way to trick yourself into beliving you can fly :smile:

Yeah i uasually cant create things in my dreams, wish i could. Oh well, i guess i just hafto practice some more.

I guess I’m lucky then as I can fly by just wanting to. No need for special pose or anything. I can also crate things.

Don’t try to fly. Fly. The only thing that creates obstacles to flying in a lucid dream is your own mind. Don’t look for any technique, because there is no technique, really. I never doubted I could fly in an LD so I have never experienced any problems with it. If I want to fly, I fly.

I just had my First lucid last night and it was amazing … i even flew but it was only about 2 meters high in the air … I´ve read that if you get too excited and the dream starts to fade you should start spinning yourself around your axis … or in other words imagine you´re spinning in circles … it worked for me and the dream always got more clear again … one time i was nearly waking up and i could feel that i was half awake and half asleep and i could still spin myself … its just like being dizzy without the bad feeling that comes with dizzyness. I´ve also read that flying doesn´t come in your first lucid´s and when you can start flying it needs practise to fly higher and higher and do what you want :smile:

The FIRST thing I did in my first LD was flying. And I flew VERY high :smile: .
I really believe that all the obstacles are mental.

Hey Rusher 13,

First, let me congradulate you. You have set a new land speed record for the most posts in 11 days! Believe me, I understand how exciting Lucid Dreaming is and I don’t blame you a bit for jumping in with both feel.

Here is another flying technique that I use. I get a running start, the dive forward. It’s really more of a glide a few feet off the ground, and I just see how far I can go before I “land”. I love this one so mucht that when I do it in a non-lucid dream I think I’ve done it in the real world. I wind up jumping up and down saying, “I’ve done it! I’ve done it!”

As I suggested before, if you’re still having trouble flying wait until you are very stable in an LD, like you can hold one for say 5 minutes; then try to fly.

Or you could use reverse psychology and try NOT to fly?

Dream Well.

well soon enough my spirit guide told me to fly home and i flew home and i flew so i think i dont need any more techniques to fly. I already have about 15 or so. :smile:

I recently had my first LD since childhood. I became lucid when me and my brother were having a conversation about us being in Hawaii. I said “Hawaii? How the hell did i get in Hawaii?”. Just thinking that immediately triggered lucidity.
I became very excited and decided a good thing to do first would be to fly! I jumped with my arms outstretched, but I only went about 3 feet off the ground and stopped, like I was being pulled back by some kind of harness. Other than that the LD was quite good, but I would like to know if anyone had a similar experience and if so, how did they conquer it and “learn to fly” :happy:

lol my first lessons to fly were as a little kid when i was 6 or so…
and i learnt flying down…not up.
I was chased in my dream, jumped in swimming style down the stairs and floated/flew down…to the door.
i think u first have to grow the believe u can fly to fly!
Try to think your like a air balloon…think yourself light!
Well try there are many ways…


also…if theres a wind blowing (if you think about it…the wind will begin to kick up) imagine your a kite and the wind begins to lift you off the ground…a running start helps…

I actually had the same problem as you in my first (and only so far) LD. But when I was only able to jump about 3 feet, I remembered what I had read on this site abot imagining you have rockets on your feet so your mind will reason out that you will be able to fly, I tried it and it worked! I flew so well I hit the ceiling of the place I was in. It worked for me!

Once or twice it was flying that made me lucid, but as soon as I’m aware, I’m like self-conscious and can’t fly anymore.

It’s like my waking brain takes over. So strange. I’ll be working on it.

Experiment! Try jumping, running, dancing, etc. Do anything! :wink: Maybe you can try swimming in the air as your first method then work it up until you get it right because that’s how I started flying… by air swimming. :happy: Now I can fly unconsciously if I want to. I don’t have to focus on where I’m going, I just fly as if I’m in full control in the zero gravity area.

Just experiment. Try and find the basic things that you know you believe in strongly like maybe an airplane? Try and “grab” an airplane and then once you’re in the air… let it go and see if you can fly. I cannot stress it enough… EXPERIMENT!! :wink:

u probaly cant fly cuz u somehow expect u cant fly, if u just Know u can fly u can, if u doubt it will probaly fail.

one thing that was said about life, i think also works well with lucid dreaming.

If you think you can; you are right, if you think you can’t; you are right.

it really is about believing in yourself and that you can do something.

Its just like in ‘The Matrix’ where Morpheus is teaching Neo how to jump across the buildings and he says something like “You have to let go of all doubt and suspision and free your mind”. You just have to fully believe you can do it and you’ll be able to. What worked for me is asking a DC how to do it, when I tried it the way they told me to it worked straight away.

Hmm… I could fly 1st time I tried… Try diffret styles. Superman, think that you will get up, try flying like bird, swing your hands… When i 1st time tried to fly i just run and thought that now i am getting up, now i am getting up. I started to fly. Then i tried superman style, i started to fall. You need to find your style.

Btw. did everyone notice that I can’t speak english?

i’ve only flown once or twice but i used a gliding/flying technique w/ my arms at my side… worked great