Let´s achieve LD together!

Hi! that sounds like a great idea. I’ve been on and off but now i want to get back on track and stay on it…i’m currently trying the Sigil Induced Lucid Dream with some very promising results but i’ve hit a stumbling block. you see I have to work for 6 everyday so i wake up at 4 and that is exactly when i enter my REM phase, so i would begin a very vivid dream only for it to end so abruptly by my alarm clock. Im thinking about going to sleep earlier since i go to sleep at 10. so yes, i’m in!

me, trying for a weekend

Bluemoon, congrats for a LD. I am really happy for you! :content:
My dreamrecall was better today than it was yesterday. A strange part about this is that I remember to have a remembrance of making a RC-s in a dream.

Welcome, PerPle and hintss. I wish you luck with LD-s! How many LD-s have you had?

Question to everybody: what are you planning to do in your next/first LD?


i’m triying to get lucid since some weeks.
I have partial success, so I’m get lucid in some nights. But I’ve not fully achieve full lucidity yet. In some dreams I notice that I am dreaming, but I have problems to stable the dream an often I’m not fully aware of myself.

I’m triying WILD and RC over the day and some autosuggestion. In this moment I seem to be in a little weak phase, because I have a bad dream-recall and no lucidity in this and the last night.

Thanks! If you keep on going you’ll recognize patterns in your dream. If you encounter something strange make a RC (even if you think you are in reality) and think that you are in a dream. If the RC fails then you can be sure that’s reality.

If you have the motivation and just don’t give up I’m sure you all will have a LD. It’s worth the “troubles”. :smile:

I already flew so the next thing to do is spitting fire! :content:

Well according to my dream journal, i’ve had 15 since i started last year. the day i found out about lucid dreaming that very same night i had my first LD and a FA. i took a break for sometime because i realized i was connecting nightmares to LDs, so anytime i tried to LD it would put me into a nightmare. Now i’m starting a fresh and i’ve had 1 short LD and a FA so far (coincidence?) For now my main aim is to FLY!!

You have been connecting nightmares to lucid dreams? This sounds not good… but now your LDs are better? What do you had in the “short LD” you had so far?

yes, its like i have trained my mind into thinking that the only way i can get lucid is with something lurking behind the corner to kill me. the LD i had recently was again induced by a nightmare. I was in a dark room and as usual something scary was lurking around the bend, then i just realized i was dreaming, didnt even have to do a reality check. so i willed the lights to turn on and decided to face whatever it was and it simply ran away but when i began to stabilize my dream and increase lucidity it was like my real eyes were opening so i just opened them. little to my surprise it was a false awakening and being mad at myself for waking up i forgot to do a RC and just went along with the dream. Hopefully me standing up to whatever that was i’m now free of Nightmare Induced Lucid Dreams.

Don’t be discouraged though, a lot of lucid dreamers discover the ability because they have many nightmares as children. I’ve see many of those turn into amazing LD’ers. :smile:

And good luck everyone! :grin: Keep it up, with a little perseverance you’ll get far!

Oh me too!
Ive just started trying to LD seriously again last week.
Ive only had one and it was like a year ago :meh:

I woke up at 11:45 the day before yesterday with a big fright because I had to be at work at 09:30 :eek: . So I didn´t had time to think about my dreams, I didn´t even write in my DJ. Now I am back on track. Yesterday all I was dreaming about was work ( sleeping should be resting, not working! :meh: ) and today I had a false memory in my dream that I had a motorbike accident and I was telling about that accident to my friend.
RC time for me and then work! Wish you success in LD! :grouphug:

Hey Guys, last night i had my first Lucid dream in a long while that didnt start as a nightmare! i woke up at 5:15 and decided to do the FILD method with much success cuz after 30 seconds of doing it i did a RC and realized i was dreaming. i was in my bedroom and couldnt see anything so i began rubbing my hands together and saying “increase lucidity please.” it worked but my vision was still a mess so i began looking for a pair of glasses in my room and i actually found some, i put them on and my vision was perfect. after all of that i decided to jump through my window but did a RC just to make sure cuz its a long ways down and then i began…FLYING! i flew through my town telling everyone i know that im dreaming…it was so cool but then someone told me to wake up because i wont remember and so i went back to my room, went back to bed, woke up in another dream and just went along with it until i woke up for real. Mission Completed! i hope everyone is having as much fun as i am at LDing! Reality Check Now! :content:

Well done Perple. That was a pretty good First ld.
I had one like that a couple of days ago, However I couldn’t stabalize it when i got out of bed like yours it was dark and blury. I tried rubbing my hands together and Saying"increase lucidity" however I lost the dream.
Also is FILD like WILD. if so what is differnet because I might try it.

Wow cool PerPle! Hope you’ll have more soon!

To my surprise I had a DILD whilst taking a mid morning nap today! that is another first for me… :happy: lbsf1, FILD is a faster version of WILD in my opinion but you usually get low level LDs from trying this technique. i like it only cuz its a lot less work to do in a lot less time just move your fingers and feel yourself drifting consciously into dreamland. i’m going to try it again tonight. Good Luck everybody!

Gah I feel like my recall keeps getting worse!!
trying not to get discouraged… :meh:

Hi guys! I gave up on Lds half a year ago and now trying to get more :grin:
Im gonna be participating in this topic a bit, its nice for other people to encourage you and you helping other people.

It seems PerPle is doing really good :smile:
Keep up the good work!

As motivation ill tell you a story of my 5th Ld or close to that-

First, I drank LOTS of apple juice; does wonders. Had the MOST vivid dream ever in my life-it was dark, and I could feel my body having chills, the cold wind, the sound of it, you know, actually aware! Then I decided, “lets fly!” unfortunately, a couple of meters in the air I had to go to the washroom :sadyes:

Strange thing is, I never have Lds when I was first having a normal dream then I realize im lucid. Nope. Always the dream starts lucid.

PerPle, im gonna follow your example and try FILD. It sounds like an extremely easy method to get high quality LDs, much unlike WILD which I have accomplished a few times which is frustrating and boring. Please tell me more about your experiences with FILD so we can all learn :smile:


First Proper ld last night.

I don’t remember how it started. However I think it was Wild or a false awakening. I was in my bed and did an rc. I was dreaming. It was blurry so rubbed my hands and it improved. I climbed out of my bedroom window and tried to fly by jumping off the roof by my bedroom. As i jumped I closed my eyes and thought I will fly. i didn’t I hit the ground it didn’t hurt though, so I was sure I was dreaming. I then looked up at my room and thought how will I get back in.(don’t know why I thought that) That is all I remember. That is one full ld though.

I am so happy for everybody who have achieved success in LD. I hope that you all continue practicing until you master it.
How many RC-s do you usually do per day?

To expand on Miredos question,
which RC’s do you perform?