Let's Teleport!?

I remember having a ND recently in which I picked a destination far away, closed my eyes, pictured the place I wanted to go and spun. I’m not sure whether I was somewhat Lucid at the time…
I didn’t even know about Lucid Dreaming at the time.
I was having a Harry Potter-like dream and I was using the technique they use - apparition (sp?).
Maybe Lucid Dreaming is where the author got her ideas?

EDIT: Haha I forgot to tell you that the technique worked for me. :content:

Wat about teleporting yourself into a solid object? Oo I really wonder how it’ll be.

rofl :-p

I’ve never really tried teleporting in LDs before (that I can remember…might have accidentally switched or something, lol) but I always thought that if I were to give it a go, i’d use a teleportation machine…I think that the logical link with science there will make it more successful for me :smile:

That’d probably just trigger some old hag paralysis, lol. And be badnews bears. :eek:

ive only tele’d in a ND b4 but all i did was focus on one spot rly rly hard and then id just be there. I only went a few feet max though in that dream and i had to see where i was porting too.

In LD’s ive had trouble teleporting but i prefer flying really really fast. Just perfect ur flying powers its way funner.

It’s an interesting method which also works in LD’s, as I said it some posts above.

I’ve tryed teleporting but, it didn’t work as good as I wanted it to

I did it runescape style. :tongue:

But I didn’t end up where I wanted.

Hmm, FLD sounds like what I have whenever I don’t have an LD, I very rarely have dreams where I don’t have any powers or control. I’ve never heard of that term before. Sweet! :grin:

The normal way of spinning and closing your eyes to teleport doesn’t work for me. I’ll either wake up or have a FA, the FA’s aren’t so bad though because to see if I’m dreaming all I have to do is get up and look outside. The inside of my house always looks the same and RC’s don’t work, but the outside is always different, in the same way each time. The trees are always freakishly tall, (I live in the woods) my front yard is bigger, and has these litttle “hill” things, and if I go down the driveway everything’s all…weird. I can’t really describe it.

The way I teleport is I’ll use Waterbending to create this little whirlpool wherever there is water, when it’s big enough it glows purple, then I’ll jump through it and end up in this ocean-type thingy that’s all glowey and purplely. laughs :tongue: Then there’s all of these different little portals and if you look at each one you can see “scenes” from tv shows, movies, cartoons, and random dreamscapes and cool places. Then I’ll pick one and jump through and…ta-da! I’m there! :grin:

Off-topic: 100th post, boo-ya! :grin:

My method is kind of strange. For me, I go inside my dream house, and I’m inside my actual mind, where there is an endless hallway of doors of that places I’ve been or dreamt about. Then I just go to the door of my choosing, open it, theres a big flash of light and BAM! I’m there. Of course, since my dream house can’t follow me, it’s a one-way trip.

Another way is step through a mirror and see where you end up! Though I never tried that, I had only been lucid in a dream about 4 times now…

But to do that door thing, you have to gather your thoughts and organize them. It’s much easier when you’re ksilled in the psionic arts.

I don’t know if it counts as teleportation. But what I did was I just started digging up the asfalt with my hands and then getting to the earth underneath decided to go into it, and let it swallow me. I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen. I thoguht maybe I’d just be stuck in the earth, but I thought about a underworld and I was soon there. Ofcourse this was a magical place that was actually another world, and in space.

I found out another way to telaport. I found that if you use a Psi method it works well. how you do this is that you just realize that the world around you is not real ( This is suposed to work in real life too) and that your whole perception of the world is man made and everything man made has flaws. then you exploit those flaws and just trasfer through space. This is also how I control time.

Work in RL …!!! i doubt that …

Spinning tech made me wake up the one time i tried…(also i was losing a bit lucidity at that moment and wanted to teleport away from some monters so maybe id had something to do with fear also…)

I have had around ten LD’s and ever since the beggining i could do anything i wanted, so much for practice makes perfect

I teleported just last night(in an LD), it just came naturally to me…I was in a parking garage and I wanted to be in the hallway of my old high school, so I just focused on the scene I wanted and everything just blurred together until I was there. Like I said, it didn’t require much, just some concentration on the desired environment.

Heh, when I just appeared in the middle of a busy hallway all the DCs were like “That’s impossible, you can’t do that!” :cool:

What kind of psi method? Psi ball? Psi portal? And if it works in RL, and if you can control time, you must be either insane, or 10 years old.

I just think about the place I want to be and everything changes into it hehe.

I’ve read that if you spin around it will transport you into a differet dreamscape.

I teleported yesterday. I just turned around, said/thought were I would want to go, turned around again and there was a door. I went through it and I acctually came to another place :ok:

I’ve had problems with teleporting. Last night I tried using regular wheat flour I found in my kitchen as “Teleportation powder”. I told myself that if I threw it up in the air and let it rain down on me it would teleport me. Didn’t work though. Everything started to spin and went black, then I woke up. I believe it may be because I didn’t have a ending point or what to call it for my teleportation. I never really even thought about where to go.

I’ve only teleported once so far. I just closed my eyes, willed the current dream scene out of existence, then visualized the scene I wanted to find when I opened my eyes. It basically worked, but when I first opened my eyes, I was in a black void with a transparent, non-solid version of the scene overlapping it. It took a little extra effort to make the scene solid.