Let's Teleport!?

I found out another way to telaport. I found that if you use a Psi method it works well. how you do this is that you just realize that the world around you is not real ( This is suposed to work in real life too) and that your whole perception of the world is man made and everything man made has flaws. then you exploit those flaws and just trasfer through space. This is also how I control time.

Work in RL …!!! i doubt that …

Spinning tech made me wake up the one time i tried…(also i was losing a bit lucidity at that moment and wanted to teleport away from some monters so maybe id had something to do with fear also…)

I have had around ten LD’s and ever since the beggining i could do anything i wanted, so much for practice makes perfect

I teleported just last night(in an LD), it just came naturally to me…I was in a parking garage and I wanted to be in the hallway of my old high school, so I just focused on the scene I wanted and everything just blurred together until I was there. Like I said, it didn’t require much, just some concentration on the desired environment.

Heh, when I just appeared in the middle of a busy hallway all the DCs were like “That’s impossible, you can’t do that!” :cool:

What kind of psi method? Psi ball? Psi portal? And if it works in RL, and if you can control time, you must be either insane, or 10 years old.

I just think about the place I want to be and everything changes into it hehe.

I’ve read that if you spin around it will transport you into a differet dreamscape.

I teleported yesterday. I just turned around, said/thought were I would want to go, turned around again and there was a door. I went through it and I acctually came to another place :ok:

I’ve had problems with teleporting. Last night I tried using regular wheat flour I found in my kitchen as “Teleportation powder”. I told myself that if I threw it up in the air and let it rain down on me it would teleport me. Didn’t work though. Everything started to spin and went black, then I woke up. I believe it may be because I didn’t have a ending point or what to call it for my teleportation. I never really even thought about where to go.

I’ve only teleported once so far. I just closed my eyes, willed the current dream scene out of existence, then visualized the scene I wanted to find when I opened my eyes. It basically worked, but when I first opened my eyes, I was in a black void with a transparent, non-solid version of the scene overlapping it. It took a little extra effort to make the scene solid.

I just tried this last night in a LD and it worked perfectly! I wrote the name of the place I wanted to go, say I wasnted to go to Disney World in America. I wrote that on a peice of paper, then I set it on fire. Then when the fire grew, I stepped through it and I was there!

I got the idea from a peice of paper with a map on it on my desk(in RL of course).

I recently found a new way to teleport in a LD. It happened whilst in a LD, i needed to go somewhere so i just disolved into the ground.

Then popped up where i wanted to be. It was very quick and easy. :content:

I tryed it several times and it worked each time. Hope it does for everyone else.

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Well, if it works it works.

The only method I have done is the close your eyes and teleport method.

In an LD I had recently, I used a different method than my usual one for teleporting. I was testing out the teleport function of my armor to try and warp the car and me back home. I just gave the thought to my armor’s AI, and it took care of the rest. No fancy stuff or look-away involved, just an instant change of scenery.

:peek: Same here, or a technique i made, was say your walking in a house, like down a hallway, picture where ever you want to go, in a room. You have to really believe or i won’t work. You just turn into the room, or a corner or anything else where you can’t see and picture it. It should change scenery :grin: :grin:

I can’t close my dream eyes without a False Awakening or waking up for real. So instead I just say, “To (SUCH AND SUCH)!” And spin. :tongue:

Well, you can be creative with it! :content:

Imagine going to a big screen TV and switching the channels on the remote. When you find one you like, jump in the TV and you’ll be there.

Or maybe dig a big hole in the ground and jump in to wherever you want.

Walk through walls or mirrors, and be somewhere else on the other side.

Or imagine being sucked into something and appearing in another place. Try a tornado, black hole, or a whirlpool. Or maybe a giant vaccum! :tongue:

These are just my weird thoughts. I have never tried any of these, because I hardly lucid dream. But others are free to try them.

I once tried teleporting and ended up on the eiffel tower (eek)
the other time i made spinning teechnique and woke up :truit: spinnig tech… gah

What about making a teleport? Like spawning your version of a teleporter, setting the destination, jumping inside and turning it on?

I guess the answer is yes - personally I would use the one in Team Fortress 2 or Half-Life 2.

What about portals? (to anyone who has played Portal)

You can always walk, ya know…

at 100,000 mph, of course :happy: