Let's Teleport!?

I tried the spinning technique in an LD and it threw me into a FA. That wouldn’t have been a problem except I didn’t realise it was an FA and went to sleep in the LD. Losing lucidity :sad:

Next time I’m going to try by going through a door.

I just take a train.


That sounds like a good idea

What about using the classic mirror teleport trick thingy? (Even though I only get on the other side of the mirror/wake up -.-)

Yeah, I’ve tried that too, and the only thing that happens to me is that I get in a mirror version in whatever room I’m in.

Here is something a guide taught me: when your destination is very far away, imagine it to be some kind of icon you’d click with your finger as if you were surfing online. Works pretty good.

Taking a train is interesting. I myself just travel to my destination, either by sprouting wings or – in the spirit of an ND – using a magical laptop at an UNIX terminal. e.g.:

tele home

Also, I remember what I DO in an LD. I just don’t remember what happens. Thus i don’t record stuff like this in a DJ.

well I got lucid on saturday and decided to teleport. I just closed my eyes and I teleported. :tongue:

i do this:

close my “eyes” (my dream eyes). I see black. I concentrate hard on wherever i want to be, and open up again.

worked for me so far

I never tele myself anywhere, I teleport my destination to me. Ok that sound weird so I’ll explain…I just create the destination I want around me.

I’m interested in doors though; one of my aims for the next time I have a LD is to make a door that leads to multiple rooms in a DC’s house.

Use this little device:

It might actually work! :content:

Well I did that once, and when I opened my eyes again I was woken up =(


try sitting down and crossing your legs then blink once then you will be there :peek:or try chanting :wink:

For those who don’t know and didn’t get the meaning, the image is of the Teleport device from Worms :happy:

I’ve used this method twice now to teleport. I let myself fall backwards through the floor and find myself right-side up in an empty black void (with an endless floor) I then think of where I want to go and then give the ground a sharp tap with my foot and then I reappear at my destination. :content:

That sounds like a cool (and good) way of teleporting Mecha.

Thanks for explaining. :smile: I already wondered if someone wouldn’t understand. :tongue:

I haven’t had much success with teleporting yet. :sad: I just had an LD and it was the most stable one I’ve had yet (most control as well), but I tried making a portal as well as walking through a door and they both didn’t work. I just walked into the outside, and I made an idiot of myself when I tried to bring up a portal by throwing my arms up and yelling really loudly. I just said “screw it” and started to fly instead, but that takes too long. I was woken up by my brother when I wasn’t even halfway there!

I think I shall try Hapexamendios’ method or Mecha’s method when I’m dreaming again if I have an LD. Now I just have to get sleepy again! My brother threw me wide awake when he came into the room yelling. :cry:

lol i just had a FLD and I teleported the wierdest way…i choped a cut into the air…then i opened it and went in it.the I was when I wanted to be.