Let's Teleport!?

interesting one thing i want to try next time im lucid is teleporting

go to my DJ and read my first LD haha i tried to teleport but was so stressed out :confused: :unk: :shrug:


Anyone try teleporting? This could be pretty fun. Post here if you can manage to do it.

I just open a door to get where I want to go. If I wanted to actually teleport, I’d probably call it a magic spell to get my mind around it.

umm, ya i have teleported in a LD. Not in real life though, cuz thats what this topic seems like your asking.

my vision didnt move though so when i teleported i became a DO.


Anybody seen Jumper?

Heeeecckkk yeah…

Look at a picture in your dream and BAM, WHOOSH! You’re there. :slight_smile:


Seriously rotten apples, I was so glad I went to see that movie on the big screen! Talk about some great mental ammo for the dream world!

Heh, my last attempt ended badly. I jumped through a door without checking to make sure what I wanted was on the other side, and I ended up falling into an abyss and waking up. I should try it again, though… it sure as heck beats walking :tongue: .

Hah! Your sig too, huh?

I have never had any more LDs than my 1st (which wasn’t very long), but if I did try, I would either:
[]Visualise myself in a different spot [i.e. looking at a photo, then looking up again to find i’m there]
]Cast a spell (runescape style :happy: )
[*]Or even better, create a rift in 4-dimensional space and jump through it. Because of the passage of photons in the first and second place, everything will be brighter on both sides, and you will be able to see your destination in the rift. Don’t put it inside anyone’s body, though, or it will cause their top half to fall away into wherever (through teleporter), while their severed bottom half dies.
Hope that didn’t conjure up any nasty images :smile:

Has anyone here played Portal? That’s the way to teleport. Just slap a portal on a wall and walk through to your destination.

I teleported in my last LD

At the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t a teleporting device but an aid to enable me to do it.

i teleported in a short LD. I found myself jumping into my car. Funny, because i wanted to get out of a stupid situation.

I really need to play that game. :happy:

Teleporting is my normal power :smile: But I like flying much more :smile: I close my eyes and in my mind I am saying I want go to XY and when I open eyes :smile: I am on my wanted place

I’ve been teleporting rarely. My favourite teleporting technique is to teleport at sight, it’s like zooming on a remote object and then you’re there.

Teleporting is the first thing i do when i realise i’m dreaming. I close my eyes, spin around and think of the place i want to go to, then open them and POOF i’m there (at least most of the times… if everything goes according to plan :razz: )
But flying is much better. Still, you can try teleporting while flying; going through the clouds and when you go back down you can be in an entirely different place.

Good movie. :smile:

No I haven’t done this but I want to so badly. I want to be able to do it with out a door, or just be able to do it at all. :neutral:

So this is kinda weird and idk how I started doing it, but I teleport by jumping into a toilet or drain!

I haven’t posted here for some reason?

I draw a circle in the air. It glows, and makes an excellent portal to jump through. The glowing circle is also a quite effective RC!

this is an interesting thread! and useful inspiration for the current lc teleport task.

i usually imagine what i want on the other side of a door, or just walk through a wall.

but as ive been following the harry potter dream trend lately, i think next time ill try apparating :wizard:

Interesting :smile: