Letting your DCs sign a contract?

I’ve come with this idea recently to get lucid which involves letting your DCs sign a written contract that forces them to make you lucid every night.
I haven’t had the opportunity to test this myself, but I thought I’d post the idea here so I can let more people experiment with this new concept.

I think a contract should translate pretty well to your subconciousness.

Anyways, if you try it, post descriptions of your experience and results please.

Well, I wouldn’t make the contract force them to make me lucid ‘every’ night, just ‘when they are available’ or ‘starring in my dream’, cause otherwise, if I wouldn’t become lucid the next night, I would completely stop believing in it and well, I think my chances of having a lucid dream will go to a minus.

But yeah, the contract thingy is definitly worth a try.

haha i should do that!

…but we don’t use the term “force” here… we prefer “politely impose”

that’s actually a great idea. anything to boost confidence, right? and if you must, it should be in fun and creative ways.

especially good for those aspiring buisnesspeople out there

I’ve always found any DC within my lucid dreams to be remarkably uncooperative. I’ll try to remember to do this, though, the next time I’m lucid and I engage one in a conversation. Knowing how squirrely they are, however, I think they’ll find some way to twist the contract around and disappoint me. Isn’t that their mission, to make us feel bad because of their belligerent behavior?! I’ve met maybe TWO cooperative dream characters in all my years of lucid dreaming.

That sounds like LILD. And I wanted to try that.

It is indeed like LILD in the sense that you tell your DCs to make you lucid, but that doesn’t always work. However, with a contract, they’re “politely imposed” ( :wink: ) to do so. A written contract is more effective than a lousy promise in RL as well so why not in your dreams?

There is one flaw in that, mostly all of my dream characters love nothing less than to screw with me and confuse the hell out of me. So unless I offered up something, which have nothing, they undoubtedly would ignore my wishes. Once I become lucid though, I will pay them all a visit… >:) Rofl.

Realistically though, it may not work. I don’t think things like this tend to work, even though it is a creative idea. This reminds me of CILD.