Lifted Up, Going into lucid?

I am re-editing since i feel my text was not clear enough. Ok i Downloaded dreamscape to play the sound “You are dreaming”, about 90min into sleep, this was done in hope that I may wake up in my dream. So far i have not have a lucid and have been practicing. But at about 3:00am, i checked the time. I was awakened by the sound of you are dreaming. So after rolling and moving around for about 10mins i lied on my back and then placed my hands on my stomach. Later on I started drifiting away i had a very weird feeling from the center of my body and felt as if i may have been going up or into a dream. Of coarse i kept getting kicked back down and never got into it, could this have been me trying to go into a lucid dream?

Yeah, sounds like the product of a WILD-type situation.

That sounds like the typical onset of a WILD. If you haven’t read up on those, there are a bunch of threads on it and one BIG thread in the Quest for Lucidity forum. It’s definitely worth trying because it sounds like you were almost there anyways. :smile:

Yes id definitelly say that u were trying to enter a dream! That feeling that u mentioned is a sign of WILD! As the others said…u were entering a dream through WILDing! If u keep practicing…u will get betrter at it! Many ppl have done lots of cool things during WILD and promote it nicely!:slight_smile:
Good luck!!